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Oooo! How exciting, a DEV chat! :)

carebearcarebear Burlington, NVPosts: 188Member

Look what I saw on Gods and Heroes Warcry today!

WarCry will be hosting a Gods and Heroes Developer Chat this Wednesday, May 4th, at 7pm EDT. This will be held over IRC and you may connect using any client to our chat server, The port is 6667, and the channel will be #gh-warcry. For unmoderated chat during and after the Dev Chat, feel free to hang out in #warcry. Make plans to attend and bring your questions and get them answered by the Perpetual Team themselves!

Thank you Perpetual! image Who's going? :) :)

*WoW = Level 60 Priest*
*EQ2 = Level 25 Druid*



  • arvainisarvainis Zeeland, MIPosts: 548Member
    I was at the last one hosted by Stratics and I was at this one also, got in a few questions too (under Corydon)   Though My Rp server/rp in game stuff didn't make the cut =(  Maybe next time.  Devs seem to be interacting with those of us waiting for the game though.  I'm so psyched!

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  • MercuryPEMercuryPE Gods & Heroes<BR>Community Manager San Francisco, CAPosts: 7Member
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