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Arma 2 (Role-Playish) Realism

leka213leka213 Cumberland Gap, TNPosts: 13Member

Arma 2 Realism

You can get Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead on discount here ( If available):

Hello I am currently searching out into the general public to grasp upon the worthy who can deem them selves warriors to fight  for and honor freedom. No matter the race, gender or religion we need you. We are in need of all fields though we are in dire need of Infantry the most.

We are offering free boot camp to recruits and you will be broken there, you will become men! Even the women can classify their selves as a man. For only a man has the strength to carry FREEDOM on his or her shoulder and run with it to spread and preserve.

Application -

Name (First - Required):

Age (Required):

Do you have a microphone?(Required):

Can you Skype / Teamspeak 3 Client?(Required):

Which division would you like to join in? (You may leave blank and ask privately about each division):

Can you be active every day for at least three to four hours?

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