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Were Are Peeps Getting These Nice Itms?

BeyornBeyorn Posts: 273Member Uncommon
I have worked my way up to MP4 and I havnt found any upgrades at all.  All the yellow an orange items I find are junk.  Is there a trick Im missing or will this get better with Loot 2.0?  I know these items must drop somewhere,  people are selling them on the AH ;).


  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,573Member Rare
    You get lucky.

    My winter flurry(for example) is worth anywhere from 4mil to 7,5mil Gold in HC AH. And I thought it was quite good(+27 int, +20 vit, 2% chance to freeze) until I saw one that I suspect is hacked. It had +75 int, +82 vit and 10-24dmg(it's usually 2-5, sometimes 1-4 or 3-6). That's just...WTF!!! HAX! Because for a level 10 item to have those beastly stats is just...unheard of(oh both mine and that winter flurry had a socket). It practically doubles your stats on that level!

    Duping, hacking, cheating. That's the name of the game I'm afraid. And the best part? Always online did nothing to stop them. It merely hinders us in the Hardcore(it's always like that-when the big lords are battling, the common folk gets the dick up their arses).

    Either that or try running with a full gear of %mfind. It's supposed to help you with stats(nobody verified this so...). And obligatory MP 10. But it's nothing better tbh. I am playing through normal and nightmare on MP 10 and my drops are still crap. Yes, they are mostly Rare items, but they are crap rare items.

    I'd suggest to either play the Marketplace Tycoon or wait for loot 2.0. That which you have mentioned is the very driving force behind the loot 2.0. So that when you defeat an Act boss, do the event or open resplendent chest, you feel like you did in Diablo 2. Awesome with all the rares, uniques and sets dropping like, excuse the perhaps misused American saying, cats and dogs.

    (Perhaps we{HC crowd} even get an offline mode seeing how the major driving factor behind the always online went offline{or rather will soon: RMAH}-I'm so sad about Gold AH tho :( )
  • LiddokunLiddokun San Francisco, CAPosts: 1,665Member Uncommon

    Best way to get good loot (ilvl 63) is to do MP1-2 in speed runs and having high MF/Paragon levels. The closer you are to MF 300% (cap) the more loot you get and the better chance you get a good ilvl 63 rolled loot. Of course a lot of the game relies on luck of the draw (be sure to have 5 stacks of NV at all times). Also some items like rings and amulets only require ilvl 62 and a perfect roll to massively boost your stats (esp if they roll with the CRIT DMG and CRIT chance as well as the ATK SPD stat). It's been proven be more beneficial to run thru the game and killing everything fast than run a high MP game and killing slow / dying so only do the MP you are comfortable with.

    Generally recommended levels:

    35,000 - 50,000 DMG suggested MP 1-2

    50,000 - 75,000 DMG suggested MP 2-3

    75,000- 100K DMG suggested MP 4-5

    100K - 125K DMG suggested MP 5-6

    125K - 150K DMG suggested MP 6-7

    150K - 175K DMG suggested MP 7-8

    175K - 200K DMG suggested MP 8-9

    200K+ suggested MP9-10

    Note: it's recommended from MP 1-5 to have at least 36-40K HP and around 500-600 resistance to all. If you are going to do the higher MP above 5 it is recommended to have at least 700 resist to all and around 40K-50K HP so at least you can survive getting hit a couple times before dying.

    Note that as your gear gets to the top it gets harder and harder to find gear (probably a dozen run for 1 upgrade). Also if you buy from the RMAH/AH upgrades tend to be more expensive EXPONENTIALLY. Gear that can boost your Damage over 100K can cost a ton of money (50-100M+) those people with 200K damage pretty much have top line gear and they probably spend several hundreds million gold on it.


  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,698Member Rare

    If you play enough, you will get lucky.

    I got some very nice items, though most i cannot use, and have sold them in the AH/RMAH so i can buy upgrades.

    Before i decided to sell all my stuff and prepare for the expansion, i get my wizard up to 520k+ dps and it took quite a while. While i use the RMAH to sell my stuff, and pump that money back into gear, i never spent a dime of my own. In fact, i made the game back.

    So it can be done .. just you have to play quite a bit. The best items i have found are a cc mempo that sold for like $50 and a LS echo fury with a gem slot that also sold for a similar amount.

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