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New Player Referral Link for Rewards (3 HA LMGS, +50% XP Boost, more)

DarkholmeDarkholme Posts: 1,208Member Uncommon

So when you sign up a new account if you use a referral link to do so you get special new player rewards;

"We know you will have a great time exploring this free-to-play game, and we've decided to add even more fun to the mix. Pick one game from the list below (it doesn't have to be the one you were invited to.) Try it out and we will give you a FREE Welcome Kit when you log in to the game!*

When you spend a qualifying amount within 60 days of receiving your invitation, you become an official Recruit and earn an additional Reward – your choice from three. Your Recruiter also receives a choice of Rewards at this point!"

The welcome kit includes;

3 Faction LMGs for Heavy Assault, NC EM6, VS SVA-88, TR TMG-50. and a 50% XP Boost. The LMGs are all actually quite good and are arguably the better LMGs available. Definitely will save you some Cert points or station cash.

Click this link to create a new account:

If you have a recruit link feel free to post it here.



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