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Group/Party based MMOs?

LoopsLoops RothristPosts: 100Member

Hey there.

I've been playing FFXI for more than 4 years, for me it has been the best MMO that has yet released. I quit it a few years ago and do not want to go back into it as many things have changed. However, I have tried several other MMOs but could never find any decent ones that made me keep going.

I loved the fact about FFXI that you had to do things in a group and soloing (besides Beastmasters) was nearly impossible. And I loved the fact that during the entire game you could not walk around without fearing death cuz of agroing mobs that you simply could not handle alone. I hate soloing, especially being able to solo until lvl caps.

So, could anybody suggest me a game which is more or less still up to date, either released or soon to be, that is group/party based too, similar to the FFXI style? End game content has to be good too..


Thank you so much!


  • MutePixelMutePixel Los Angeles, CAPosts: 8Member

    While it's been a while since its first release, Lord of the Rings Online is still pretty popular. Over the years several expansions have been released and it's still getting updated frequently. Some missions require you to be in a fellowship (group) to be able to finish them.

    Lotro is F2P and you can finish the main story completely free of charge, but I recommend you to purchase the extra content/expansions if you can afford them. It is possible to purchase them for points gathered in the game, but it's very, very time-consuming.


  • FlemFlem BrisbanePosts: 2,822Member Uncommon
    Perhaps try FFXIV?  Haven't played it myself but if you enjoyed FFXI it might be worth a shot.
  • BetakodoBetakodo Poor land, FLPosts: 331Member Uncommon
    FFXIV is more solo oriented save for the primal boss battles or a mandatory dungeon run to continue the story. They don't really make games with a mandatory party all through the game anymore, just for dungeons and the rest can be soloed. Even Lineage II became soloable, or I should say more solo grindable all the way to the end of the game, where as originally solo grinding was less efficient than group grinding by 2x exp per hour.
  • grindingamergrindingamer Los Angeles, CAPosts: 65Member
    I started playing this game after searching around for final fantasy type games :D
  • JayzaJayza aucklandPosts: 9Member Uncommon
    Hey Loops did you end up finding a game? My fav game was ffxi too but havnt found anything with good partying like it.
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