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New Players?

Quick question. I own this game, but haven't actually played it yet! I have heard they are closing it now, and was wondering if it would be too late to try it out until then/whether or not they are accepting new players?


  • DeanGreyDeanGrey Fresno, CAPosts: 154Member Uncommon

    I believe they are still accepting new players. You can always do the free endless trial. It is limited to the first tier, out of four, but many people highly praise the first tier RvR. I say give it a shot. WAR has the best RvR around, even with its issues. I would suggest trying multiple classes in RvR. I loathe playing a tank in every MMO I have played, except for WAR. In WAR I mained a Knight of the Blazing Sun. I don't know if you will see many doing PvE, but if you do then that isn't bad either. Most did strictly PvP when I last played, with the exception of running the fun dungeons.


    Me and a buddy plan to give the game a whirl again before it closes in December. There are too many good memories for us not to.

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