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Remnants of Hope [FC] Balmung

XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member

Remnants of Hope

  • Our Gaming Community
    • Origin
    • Goals
    • Games We Play
  • RMNTS: A FFXIV Free Company
    • Player vs. Environment
    • Crafting
    • Role-playing
    • Player vs. Player
  • Additional Community Benefits
  • Apply to Remnants of Hope
    • Who We Want
    • Application
    • Recruitment Process

Our Gaming Community

The Remnants of Hope began as a community in 2009 as a Star Wars Galaxies guild.  Over the last four years, we've experienced many changes, but we remain true to a single purpose: creating a community and home for members. Even now, many of the original founders call Remnants of Hope home, and we continue to grow and prosper with the help of the many exceptional members we add to our ranks.
We are a community that prides itself on diversity and maturity.  People from all walks of life are welcome here.  We strive to be a place where our members can relax and truly enjoy the time they have.  It is our belief that "light from the few can be a beacon to many," and this has been a key aspect of our community's story and also something we constantly translate over into real life.  Our goal is to shine and reach out to those we meet and interact with, to empower our members and the gaming community as a whole, and to make a positive mark on the world around us.
Games We Play
Remnants of Hope is a fantastic place to call home, and currently focuses on playing three games in an official capacity: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and the newly-released Final Fantasy XIV: ARR. We also play many casual games, from League of Legends to Star Trek Online and more, and invite all our members to join in if they choose.  

RMNTS: A FFXIV Free Company
While we are newcomers to FFXIV: ARR, Remnants of Hope has always prided itself on exploring all aspects of the games we play, and offering a unique and diverse array of options in the different fields.  Be it varying types of role-play, PvE, crafting, or even PvP, we are always working to ensure you have opportunities to enjoy the game.  
Player vs. Environment
Our community takes on and excels at PvE content.  In our other games we have well-established groups who tackle new and challenging content and always make time to train new people and team leaders, as well.  In FFXIV, we are looking to honor that legacy and build a strong and diverse roster of people for everything from leveling parties to tackling end-game content as we enjoy the diverse PvE options available.

  • Casual Gamers:  You are free to explore the game and its content at your own speed.
  • Hardcore Gamers:  We will strive to keep you busy with with runs of content, with a focus on progression.

The crafting system in FFXIV is like no other, with a diverse and symbiotic relationship with the other disciples of the hand and land, and a true need to work together to accomplish goals.  To that end, we will help crafters find a home within the community, with other crafters to interact with and obtain necessary materials, as well as helping members develop and pursue their goals.  With the Materia system and impressive end-game craftables, you should always find yourself in demand within our community.

  • Weekly events to gather needed materials, as well as crafting time for people to come together and level.
  • Coordiantion with guild crafters to provide the necessary supplies for people to produce and progress within their professions.
  • An organized network of guild crafters so members can easily know who to approach with a crafting request.

Role-playing is a cornerstone of the Remnants of Hope community, and we give it a prominent a role in our gaming experience.  We have a unique story driven by both character and community, and we offer the ability to not only develop your characters, but yourself, as well!  We are also interested in reaching out to other communities to build a mutually-beneficial relationship as we form role-play networks to drive plot and make connections here on Balmung!

  • A community narrative driven by character story and the building of our Company's history together.
  • Planned future coordination with other Free Companies and role-players to both attend and host RP events.
  • All levels of role-play experience welcome!
  • Forum role-play opportunities, both within the FFXIV universe and beyond.

Player vs. Player
We are highly interested in the inclusion of PvP content in the future.  Our community prides itself on having fun and being successful in PvP while also maintaining a friendly and mature atmosphere with those we play against.  We have members who love to make guides and offer tips for various styles of PvP, and they are just waiting in the wings to take on the future PvP content within this game!

  • Dedicated PvP community ready to implement strategies and conquer the world!
  • Many theory crafters who thrive on looking at ways to maximize builds.
  • Seasoned PvP members who enjoy teaching new people the ropes.

Additional Community Benefits
Along with all of the above, Remnants of Hope offers members a wide array of community benefits:

  • Awards system for community recognition
  • Highly active website and forums
  • Teamspeak 3 server
  • Events calendar loaded with new events each week
  • Large community outreach
  • Weekly forum contests
  • Active RP community
  • Organized PvP and PvE
  • Family friendly community and environment
  • Dedicated leaders

Apply to Remnants of Hope
Who We Want
As a community we are new to this game and are very interested in welcoming new members to our guild home. We are recruiting all classes and levels, and people from all walks of life.  The only requirements we have are:

  • Maturity
  • Willingness to contribute to and be part of a community
  • Acceptance of those different from you

If you are interested in applying to Remnants of Hope, you can visit our forums and view this topic to sign up as a new member!  That link contains all of the application instructions and the application template for FFXIV. Please note: we take the process very seriously, as your application gives us a feel for who you are and whether you will be a good fit for our community and, importantly, whether our community will be a good fit for you. Please give detailed answers to each question so we can get to know you, and you can wow us with your personality!

Recruitment Process
Once we accept your application, you will move into a two-week trial phase for us get a feel for you and you to get a feel for our community. This includes a few objectives you will need to complete; first and foremost is to introduce yourself to our community and to let us really get to interact with you as well!  We pride ourselves on being very welcoming and friendly to all new applicants, and, whatever your interests, you will find a friend.  The trial process is a very thorough one, and can sometimes seem a bit daunting and intimidating, but by no means is it meant to be so.  Remnants of Hope is a strong community because of the quality and diversity of our members, and this application process is what ensures we maintain that at all times.
We are always available to answer questions and help our new members out with this process!  If you would like more information about who we are, what our goals are, and what we offer, I am always available to answer questions via a personal message.  Just send me a private message, and I will respond as soon as I can!  Also feel free to contact me in game on Xha'li Nelhah or Ciceroix Gerson.



  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member
    It's been a week and thought i'd introduce myself here! 
    My name is Dylan (or Will if you'd like), though lets be honest as an avid roleplayer i really do go by Xha'li more then anything else! 

    I am the Recruitment Officer for Remnants of Hopes FF: XIV: ARR division and truly excited to explore this game with everyone, especially with this amazing gaming community i have the luxury of being a part of. 

    For those wondering the division title is what we bestow upon a game in RMNTS that we are officially playing together, and have committed resources and people to make the experience the best it can be for all members. We create departments for each aspect(PvE,RP, Crafting and in the future PvP) of the game and they are led by fellow community members, new and old. 

    I am also currently the acting RP department head and helped to create the amazing story we have, and really looking forward to sharing it with everyone here soon! 

    Check out our site if you are interested in applying, and as always feel free to ask any questions here or in a message to me! I love answering questions, gives me another chance to talk!
  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member
    One last unsolicited piece of information for today!  We have recently hammered out a weekly schedule for various events and activities and thought I would share it with you all!
    Social RP Sundays

    Guildhest/Leve mondays 

    Gathering Tuesday's 

    Dungeon run Wednesday 

    Craft Thursday

    FATE Fridays

    Company Story RP Saturdays 

    To give an example of what some typical events we shall be hosting will include i'll discuss what we'll be doing next tuesday for gathering tuesday.

    All day gathering event:  This event is designed to help people level their gathering classes while also stocking the companies chest with crafting materials to be used on thursdays or requisitioned for certain things.  People RSVP for the day and are provided with a 'shopping' list of desired mats based on the current level of their gathering class

    Fishing Contest:  This tuesday we will be hosting our first Company fishing contest that we'll be holding in Limsa.  Most of our members have been focused on leveling to explore endgame content and have the freedom to explore and RP throughout the world and have not spent much time fishing yet.  So I'll be hosting this event in Limsa and for one - two hours will host a contest to see who can catch the biggest fish.  We're starting off with a small entrance fee that is added to a pot that the winner will claim, and fully plan on expanding this event as our time in this game continues.

    Also on the 5th we will be holding our first ever Company Story RP.  This is where we will truly begin to develop our communities story and create the connections and show of our amazing characters.

    Also this coming sunday, the 29th we will be having a beach party at Costa Del Sol, and are working on a schedule and hope to open it up to the public as well!

    This is just to show that we truly are committed to exploring all facets of this game, and providing fun and varying events on a weekly basis.

    Will be posting our Guild's story on Thursday for everyone to see as well!
  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member
    Five years ago the world made sense, five years ago and everyone had a home and family to fight for. Then Dalamad came crashing down and Bahamut was released. The devastation he(hir) wrought on the land upset everything, and once the chaos settled all that was left in Bahamut's wake was ruin. 

    Five years have passed, and even now the land is still recovering. Yet there exists a community, out in the wilds of the world that is defying all the odds. It was founded two years after the calamity by a group of settlers looking to rebuild. For some it was a chance to get away from civilization, from the memories of what had been and were now no more. For others it was a challenge, a way to prove the races could persevere and reclaiming land that had been lost. There were even a few who sought to make a safe haven for refugees and travelers, a place to rest and relax, maybe even drink their sorrows away. Regardless of the reasons slowly but surely a community began to form out in the wilderness, and though their stories were all different, each regarded this new place as home. 

    As time passed several challenges arose, the monsters and denizens of Eorzea wanted to reclaim this location. Time and time again the people stood their ground and fought them off, but never without a cost. There was talk about moving, about starting over somewhere else. Some however opposed this, and instead insisted on understanding why this was happening. They called upon the experts in the field, the disciples of war and magic, and a few answered there call. It was only then that they discovered how truly unique their little community was, and how fortunate they had been to hold on all this while. 

    The mages claimed the Aether in the air and surroundings was odd and unusual, and began a search of the land. It was a short distance off from the settlement that they found a relic of the 7th umbral era, a shard of Dalamad, Bahamuts cell. It was merely a remnant, a fading piece of the fallen moon, but even now it still held some power. The mages warned the people to leave, that it would continue to draw trouble their way. One man stepped forward to ask what would happen if they simply left as they suggested, to which the mages told him the land would rise up and reclaim this place. 

    A meeting was held shortly after, and most people agreed, it was time to leave and start over again. A few though dissented, and insisted on staying. This was their home, and they would not let the 7th Umbral Era take yet another thing from them. The mages and warriors tried to persuade them, but they had dug their heels in. They fought for a while over this, and a scuffle broke out. Those few remaining would not give in however, and went back to their homes for the night. 

    The morning brought an eerie silence to the land for those that had remained. Rather then the usual hustle and bustle there was only silence now. They grimly gathered to discuss what they would do in the town square, and began preparing for whatever came next. They were few though, and were all tired and broken. Yet they would not surrender, would not give up their homes a second time. 

    One night a group of monsters descended upon the town, and it's inhabitants rallied to meet them. They held them off for as long as they could, finally retreating to their town hall and fortifying themselves from within. Then just as things seemed to be their worst a strange sound was heard from outside. The building slowly started to fill with smoke and they feared the building was being set on fire with them inside. They gathered together at the door and decided to make their last stand and burst outside with weapons held high, only to be greeted by a most unexpected sight. It was not the building that had been on fire, but the monsters themselves, all lying dead on the ground. The warriors and mages from before came forth to greet them, and their leader stepped forward with the most mischievous of smiles. 

    She told them that they were halfway home before they knew they had to return, that it was bad form to be shown up by civilians and settlers. She knelt down before them and swore and oath to them there. That if they would have them they would stand with them as long as they lived. That together they would forge a home in these lands, and that they would make it a beacon of hope to all that remained. 

    What is the Remnants of Hope? : 
    We were those disciples of War and of Magic who turned back and fought for a community that was not our own. Now things have changed, now we belong. The world is still as uncaring as before, still waiting and watching for it's chance to drag this down into the void. Yet we remain, a few ragtag settlers and a band of fighters with more bravery then brains. Now we are united in one goal: To survive in this harsh world, and forge a future for ourselves. 

    We come from all walks of life, from soldier to farmer, and everything possible in-between. Our guardians walk our land, some protecting the lost and the weak, while others seek out and eliminate all who could threaten our people. Our merchants and craftsman toil to provide goods for the town, and slowly but surely seek to blow new life into it. We even have mages and scholars who study the aether, seeking to unravel the secrets of the shard, each working towards their own goal. 

    Whatever the reason for your being here, here is where you've come to belong. You've thrown your lot in with these people, and it's up to you to find your own place. One thing is true no matter whoever you are. This town shall change you and shape your fate, and so to shall you shape it. 

    Who are the Remnants of Hope? : 
    Primarily we are the group of adventurers who answered the towns call. We are the protectors and caretakers for this oasis of peace in the harsh and uncaring world of Eorzea. However being adventurer is only the beginning. 

    You are who you choose to be! Here in the Remnants of Hope you may choose to do and pursue whatever it is that pleases you. Are you a scholar in pursuit of old and forgotten knowledge, coming here seeking to unravel the mystery of the shard? Are you a mercenary who just likes to unwind and relax by fishing in the afternoon. 
  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member
    Congratulation to Kiamara, our newly appointed PvE Officer!

    He's done an amazing job already, including creating a link shell for people to find others to group up with. It's already working extremely well, with well over 80 people active most of the time!

    Excited to see what he does going forward!
  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member
    After having a fun 4 hour introduction event for our members i'm pleased to announce that this saturday we are starting the first story arc for our FC: From Whence We Came


    Truly looking forward to it!


    Also for those interested in PvE our Department head Kia Mara just started a Linkshell this week called Dungeon Runnerz for people to form groups for PvE content.  It's been very active as of late, with over 80 members on at a time usually.  Excited to see what he plans for our FC and the community through the linkshell!

  • DahkeusDahkeus San Antonio, TXPosts: 4Member

    In addition to in-game events, we also regularly host special events, which includes guild members from all games (GW2, SWTOR, and FFXIV)!  

    Right now, this includes:



    Guildies are called upon to wield their artistic powers to submit their best work that fits the theme of one or more of the following: Haunting, Time, Loyalty!  This event is still running until the 24th!



    Pick your best in-game apparel to build the funniest/scariest/prettiest costume!  This event is also running until the 24th, so there's plenty of time to get your spook on!

  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member
    Yes, as Dahkeus said we offer a lot of options for all members, including our social events.  Our internet pictionary is the think of legends.  I mean really, you get a clue and have to use a MS paint application to draw it in a few seconds.

    Also congratulations to R'mango and Athrun, our two newest members who have just completed their trial!
  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member

    The above post about the Halloween and Art contest highlight something i truly wish to talk about as it's honestly one of the things i truly enjoy the most about the Remnants of Hope.

    The community itself.

    All members play at least one of the games, with several playing 2 or all 3 of them, as well as a few casual games on the side together. Yet we all share the same Team Speak 3 server and belong to the same forums. The reason being no matter what you play or your style of play is we are all one big happy (dysfunctional) family.

    We discuss our favorite games, books, manga, music, and... well you see where this is going. We also have an amazing community set up with a well structured body and an enduring legacy.

    Also we have this, our Weekly caption the Picture Contest. I figure i'll share in the fun with you all and show what we are working on and the winner of the contest! We have a weekly riddle i'll try to do this with too!

  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member

    The winner of this weeks caption contest was: "Why'd this lady give us pumpkins! I told her we need mushrooms or we'll be tiny like this forever!"


    Also we are in the midst of a PvE Marathon weekend.  Our PvE Department leader created a contest for people to level and for each level gained you get 1k gil.  Each milestone level you hit; 10,20,30,40,50, you gain 1 x X k gill.  X being the first number in the milestone.  There were also rewards for joining FC fate groups, dungeon runs and other social things!  Looking forward to seeing more like this in the future!


    Also congratulations to our 7 new trial members who've taken their first steps towards becoming full members of our community!

  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member
    Alright it's Saint's Wake time and the decorations are out!

    We'll be holding a photo session and some holiday festivities later on this next week!

    Also i mentioned it before but our Halloween Contest is in full swing!  While we get our costumes ready for next week i thought i'd share this image from one of our other games!


    Pretty scary if you ask me!
  • DahkeusDahkeus San Antonio, TXPosts: 4Member

    I posted here earlier, but I should probably introduce myself: Hi, I'm Dahkeus!

    I'm a GW2 player, but first and foremost, I'm a member of Remnants of Hope.  When I joined, I was a bit skeptical of joining a multi-game guild, but RoH has changed the way I look multi-game guilds because of how supportive and friendly everyone has been.  In the time I've been with RoH, not only have I seen members from other games step up to help out players in GW2, but I've also seen a community that bonds with interaction that goes much deeper than simply sharing the same game.  Because of this, I've made friendships with people that go much deeper with what I've often experienced in previous guilds.  


    I know that it's tough to find a good home when searching for a guild, but if you're looking for a guild that has both the close-knit feel of a small group while carrying the support and active forums of a large guild, I encourage you to give us a try!

  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member

    Story night!

    One goal we have with these FC stories to type them up and novelize them to some extent.  This will help others who join later on to know what is going on with the FC story, and who's come and gone in that time.

    Will be posting at least part of the first one here later on!

  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member

    Congratulation to Xelios, our newest full member!

    Congratulations on completing your trial and being such a warm and friendly addition to our community at large!

  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member

    Congratulations to our newest three members!  SeanSavior, Solitatrythunder, and Nnebulosa.

    They are fantastic additions to our roster, and truly looking forward to watching them help grow our division!

  • AravailAravail Alexandria, VAPosts: 8Member
    Hey everybody!  I'm Aravail, and I've been a member of the Remnants of Hope for almost two years now.  I just want to vouch for what Xha'li says: RoH is a community full of amazing people, and I'm really excited to see our third gaming division taking off!  One of the things I love most about being in RoH is that whether you're in TeamSpeak, in-game, or just browsing the forums, there are almost always people online to talk to.  I can't begin to tell you how many times a day I refresh our forums to check out new posts people have made, and our shoutbox is busy pretty much 24/7.  So whether you're a casual or a hardcore gamer (or anywhere in between), if you're looking for a fun, friendly gaming community, be sure to check us out!  
  • ZekiirahZekiirah Long Beach, CAPosts: 9Member

    Welcome to our newest additions to the Remnants of Hope FFXIV division! Super excited to get to know them better. It's been over a year since I found my way to this community and I can't express enough how much of a privilege it has been to be here and to be apart of the growth we have experienced. If you want a place that will become a family to you, this is it!

    In other news! We have an art and writing contest for November! Looking forward to some excellent entries from our talented community!

  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member

    Congratulations to the wave of new members, and to our newest trial Member Nighthunter911!

    Also hosting another RP introduction event and Hide-and-Seek game this week!

  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member

    Just held one of our first social events tonight in central shroud!  It was an awesome afternoon of hide and seek, and it was a blast!  2 hours just completely blew by!

    Apologies to Reupet who got distracted from his thesis paper :P

    Intro RP event this saturday for all our new members, and it's been nice meeting so many great people!

  • SolitarythunderSolitarythunder Tampa, FLPosts: 1Member

    Great times this weekend had by all!! RP event Sat night as well as many players active this weekend progressing gear grinds as well as level progression!

    Looking forward to completing my last level before 50!! Can't wait to group up on the high end Dungeons!!

    Come check us out now... We would love to have ya!

  • monochrome19monochrome19 Chicago, ILPosts: 680Member Uncommon
    Coolest. Guild Name. Ever.
  • ZekiirahZekiirah Long Beach, CAPosts: 9Member
    The musical icebreaker to break them all is upon us! In honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance, Remnants of Hope is hosting a Karaoke event tonight! Lots of music and fun to be had for everyone to get to know each other beyond our own games!
  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member
    It has been an AMAZING night.  Will have to link some of these amazing songs for you all to hear later.  Feel free to laugh, we certainly did!
  • TayteTayte Cressona, PAPosts: 8Member

    An active community that focuses not just on in-game activities, but on the community itself. We recently had Karaoke, and Pictionary which were tremendously fun!

    If you enjoy a close-knit community, this is a great place to be!

  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member

    After a holiday Hiatus i'm back and have a rather large post to share with everyone here!

    Our various recruitment teams for the different divisions got together and came up with the concept of a community spotlight.  It's a brief discussion with a member from one of our divisions, and a way to help people in our community and here on these sights to get to know our various members.

    The first one up just happened to be us in FF XIV, and it's our Division Commander Beljora, though you might know him in games as Agrias Oaks.  We'll be rotating divisions each week, so you'll also get to know some of our other members you might not see in game.

    Here it is, hope you enjoy!

    1. What is your forum name? You're real name too if your comfortable sharing it!

    Forum name: Beljora

    Real Name: Koby

    2. What game(s) do you play with the Remnants of Hope, and who is your main character in the game(s)?

    So far I've played GW2 (Hlifhildr) and FFXIV (Agrias Oaks). I've been recently eyeing SW:ToR since that starfighter update...

    3. How did you end up with the Remnants of Hope?

    Aidyn, Dahkeus, and Applegate invited me... and then pretty much texted me every day 'til I finished the requirements, lol. Glad they did that though.

    4. What is your favorite in-game memory from your time in the community?

    Probably various memories RPing in FFXIV so far.... I remember in a recent RP event Theodinn Ravenshield was tossing people potions to heal their wounds during a huge battle. At the end of the battle our NPC captain was stabbed through the chest by the Kobold Chief and fell dead on the ground... Most of our characters were shocked and on the verge of tears and Theo is like "Did you try a potion?" "Here, I have this potion, give it to him." and Xha'li grabs him and is like "HE'S DEAD!!" It made me laugh out loud so hard, though I know it was emotional in-character.

    5. What about your favorite memory from the time we spend outside the games?

    Has to be when I wrote the proposal for the FFXIV division. Tension was high because a lot of people had very legitimate concerns for adding a new division, and they didn't mind expressing them to me. I decided I would still fight hard for this new division, because I knew my time on GW2 was pretty much done, and I would have to leave the guild due to inactivity unless I could get a FFXIV division instituted.

    6. Is it Pot-A-toe or Pot-a-toe?

    Potatoe. Obviously.  (Xha'li here: CHEATER!!!)

    7. What object would you say you simply could not live without and why?

    PC/tablet/smartphone/car are too unoriginal and boring, right...? Excepting those obvious things... I bought a water-pick for cleaning between my teeth sometime back. It's the kind of thing that seems like a complete gimmick, but it's so damn good at cleaning around a permanent brace on the back of my teeth. I dunno how I ever got on without it.

    8. Favorite TV show and why?

    Game of Thrones (I'm sorry Firefly, it was close). There's just so many angles to this show, so much to discuss and think about: motivations, relationships, politics... and I feel like I understand it more every single time I watch it, so I certainly get my money's worth for blu-rays. I didn't start reading the book series until I became a fan of the show, so I've only read the first two books 'cause I don't want to ruin season 4 myself. I know, I can't call myself a true fan now, but, hey, I only ever said I was a fan of the show.

    9. Zombie Pirates or Space Ninjas and why?

    Close call.... but... I ultimately have to go with Space Ninjas. Sure, zombie pirates are great, but there's only so many unique stories you can create before roaming the high seas eating brains will eventually wear thin. Space Ninjas however have infinite planets they can travel to and they can change the course of galactic warfare in an instance. The Weabiles have captured the Emperor of Reycon and are forcing him to sign a treaty that will end hostilities in the gamma section for a millennium!? Oh, ****, space shuriken through the heart!

    10. If you could be any mythical creature or monster what would it be and why?

    Hm, probably a Phoenix. They drew a good hand from the mythical creature deck. Immortal andawesome-looking.

    11. Favorite Book or series and why?

    I read a lot of non-fiction economic and science books, some of which would probably qualify as my favorites........ but I wont bore you with those.

    I've read Mark Twain's Joan of Arc several times. It's a pretty easy read like you'd expect of Twain, but, unexpectedly, it has a very serious tone (a small witty phrase here and there, but never overly sardonic like most of his books). It's a story of a (real-life) illiterate 17 year old girl from a 1-horse town at the edge of France who manages to become the Commander and Chief of France (yes, while still 17) and restores most of France to Charles VII from absolutely nothing (a treaty had literally declared absolute surrender, handing France over to the English on Charles VI's death). She is captured by the English about 2 years later, tortured into admitting that it is sin to wear men's clothing and subsequently burned alive. Twain takes liberties, but most of the dialogue after her capture is taken verbatim from court transcripts. It blows my mind every time I try to fathom that it's based on true events.

    12. You get together with some members from RoH in real life, what do you do?

    I actually DID get together with some RoH members (Applegate, Azerial, and Kain) in real life not that long ago. We went to the Renaissance (thank you, spellcheck) faire. We watched a few shows, Azerial and Kain bought some pretty awesome outfits (though... how many times do you really get to use them...), I nearly froze to death because I didn't know it was 40 degrees out when I left (It's Texas... and it was like 75 two days before), but it was a lot of fun!

    Also, I've met Aidyn before. We mostly played Super Smash Brothers Melee. Oh, and I went with Applegate, Aidyn and Aidyn's brother to a metalwork festival around here... They seemed pretty disappointed in it if I remember right, but I thought it was pretty interesting myself.

    13. Can you dance, and if so what's your favorite dance move?

    God no.

    14. Favorite song and why?

    Oh man, this is, by far, the hardest question... I'm a huge classical music fan and could go on all day about it.

    While not technically a 'song' I would say Schuberts Piano Sonata in B flat edges out the win for me.

    I once heard it described that the low trill in the left hand represents Schubert's impending death from typhoid fever. The low trill returns frequently and somewhat out of place in the otherwise straightforward but beautiful melody, as if to remind him of its presence. The melody then repeated louder, but this time where you'd expect to hear the low trill you instead hear a defiant series of chords played. Finally, during the development section the low trill and melody mix and give the melody a much darker mood. Granted, we don't actually know what Schubert was thinking with that piece, but that explanation of the trill has stuck with me every time I've listened to it.

    Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde comes in a close second

    It's been analyzed to death by smarter people than me, so I'll spare you an explanation on that one.

    Those and pretty much anything from the Romantic period I'll love, really. Or post-modern.

    I'm a big fan of musical theater as well.

    And pretty much anything by Ricky Ian Gordon.

    I met him once and he was so nice to me despite me being stupidly nervous.

    I also like Bluegrass fusion.

    I listen to J-Pop to practice my Japanese listening skills.

    I became a pretty big fan of Kalafina while listening to various J-Pop artists.

    And while the music itself doesn't really blow me away, Nagi Yanagi's voice from Supercell is unreal.

    The composer didn't use real human voices in his music until he came across a video of Nagi singing karaoke.

    Sorry, feel free to ignore any/all of those.

    15. Lastly, and most importantly, what is it about this community you love the most?

     I love how varied people's interests and ideas are, but that we can all talk to each other in such a respectful way. Like I wrote in one of the recruitment posts, "It's a rare environment where members can discuss Call of Duty with as much respect to one another as when we discuss AD&D RP." It allows me to be exposed to things I normally wouldn't be, like games or music that aren't my usual genre. I also like that we can argue our various visions for the guild that we all love and put things behind us once official decisions are made. I dunno if it's applications scaring trolls away or what, but I just generally find a higher caliber of people in this guild than I normally come across on the 'net!

  • XhaliXhali St. Michaels, MNPosts: 20Member

    Alright, holiday break is over, back to business as usual!!!

    I'm proud to announce our new PvE officer, Darkly Dreaming, has been doing a fantastic job of coordinating things and helping people run content that they need to do.  Can't wait to see what he does.

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