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Tequatl Falls: Congratulations to Blackgate

VorchVorch Somewhere, FLPosts: 800Member Uncommon

Blackgate became the first server to take down the beast.



This guy is tough as HELL. Congratulations!!!

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  • GundricGundric Memphis, TNPosts: 342Member Uncommon
    I was there and it was pretty fun. I must have rez'd 40 people during the fight lol. I like the new Teq fight and can't wait to see what Anet has in store for more difficult group content like this. Go Beastgate! :)
  • MeowheadMeowhead New Carlisle, INPosts: 3,716Member Uncommon
    Congratulations to Blackgate.  A well deserved win.  HOpefully the strategy gets spread out a bit, people do better.  I'll assume it'll still fail in places, but people will learn how to beat it and at least probably consistently get past the 75% point instead of failing without even getting a single chest.
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