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Any help about TSW?

AroukosAroukos AthensPosts: 571Member

I m thinking of giving a try on TSW.

I like EQ1 and WoW most and i also enjoy RIFT. EvE is a favorite game too. I prefer tab target system and i don't care about grinding, if i have many options for it. I like PvE content mostly, like raids/dungeons (hard modes & LFG is a plus for me) and i hate leveling and alts. I also like open world content (but not zerging like gw2). I m not a PvP fun and i don't care much about it. Some games i dislike are gw2, neverwinter, tera.

What is the time rate of content updates/patches? Are there many bugs? Is the client doing well with middle range systems (lets say better than RIFT)?  Is there a healthy population?

Do you think TSW is suitable for me after all?

Thank you very much.


  • JeroKaneJeroKane OsloPosts: 5,742Member Rare

    The dreamworld engine (Which TSW uses) is a bit Heavy on performance.

    But.... I have a MacBook Pro retina at the moment, With a midrange GFX and TSW runs great, even With my external 27 inch monitor Attached running at high resolution.

    The PVE in this game is among the best! I really enjoy it a lot.

    Dungeons come in normal story mode and Nightmare mode for good geared players. Lairs and Raids.

    They just released issue 7 and issue 8 I Guess is to be expected somewhere in October/November.

    I think they try to aim every 3 months or so. Which is ok, bit like With EverQuest 2.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon
    Not many bugs!but if you disable paging file and enable enhanced tsc it ea will enable a error thing send the first ignore the rest .tsw probably don't use better tsc and probably don't know what to do if there is no page file but window (8)do!
  • TholdarianTholdarian Posts: 65Member Uncommon

    I'll give it to you straight: TSW is a damn weird game.

    The combat is, in my opinion, somewhat clunky, but you get used to that pretty quick. It is tab-targetting, so that's a plus for ya. If you're a PvE person, then this game will fully entertain you; it has, hands down, the best quests ever implemented into any MMORPG to date.

    Lvling in the common sense doesn't really exist in TSW: instead, your 'lvl' is determined by your gear, ranging from QL 1 to QL10 (everything above that, QL10.1 to Ql10.5 is pure endgame dungeon gear). There are also no real classes, instead you invest the points you get while you 'lvl-up' on several weapons and their skills. You use 7 active and 7 passive skills to build your individual deck and, with that, your class, I hope, you can follow :) Upside is: you don't need alts, since every character can eventually fill up the skillwheel (that's where all the skills are located) and play any role at will. Downside: ... well, there will be the inevitable point that you have 'finished' the game and there is no real need to roll another toon.

    TSW can be very demanding when it comes to performance, I've read somewhere that the engine is the most graphically capable of any MMO atm, so better be prepared to not be able to play it in high-setting with a mid-range PC. Even then, it looks gorgeous, but the graphical style is very realistic, might as well add that since you're obviously used to comical and/or stylized graphics.

    Updates are coming in form of issues (there's always another comic book cover for the individual issue), which you can buy via the ingame store. The next big update everyone expects is another zone to play in, but afaik there is no date for that yet. Nevertheless, the core game is pretty big and if you take your time and actually listen to the well done cutscenes and the overall lore, it will entertain you for several months, half a year maybe.

    Late-game are hard mode dungeons and one raid currently, so that's something for you, I guess.


    All in all, give it a try and let yourself be immersed by the atmosphere and the setting which is unique in the MMO genre as of today.

    I hope, this'll help :)

  • motoratonmotoraton valenciaPosts: 42Member Uncommon
    Mm the quest system and the history are awesome in tsw, mm the dungeons experience for me is great the bosses are fun, the build system is pretty unique, i think u will enjoy ^^ 
  • AroukosAroukos AthensPosts: 571Member

    Thank you all for your responses!

    The only question left is about the population. Is there a healthy pop that you can easily group with, or you struggle to find ppl, especially in non peak hours?

  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,654Member Rare

    Content updates are about every 3-4 months. Not a buggy game. The engine is decently scalable, I've played it on 9800GT, with everything on low/med it was smooth at 1920x1200. Population is average in numbers, but very devoted :)


    Suitable... hard to tell, it's very different from both wow/Rift and Eve...

    "I like PvE content mostly, like raids/dungeons (hard modes & LFG is a plus for me)" - TSW is very PvE heavy, and the endgame is dungeon grind with different tiers, so its a plus.

    "i hate leveling and alts" - there are no levels, and alts are unnecessary since 1 character can do everything.

    "I also like open world content" - well, there are not many, except the seasonal events

    "I m not a PvP fun and i don't care much about it." - (a bit surprising, with Eve as a favourite) it's also a plus, since TSW's pvp is ... lol. I mean it's there, and... well, pretty much that's all, luckily. :)

  • TholdarianTholdarian Posts: 65Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Aroukos
    Thank you all for your responses! The only question left is about the population. Is there a healthy pop that you can easily group with, or you struggle to find ppl, especially in non peak hours?

    The main-travelling hub called Agartha is server-independent, so there is always someone. all of the later LFG requests are made there, so no problem on that side. You gotta realize: since TSW is quite niche (sounds weird, but it is), there will be significantly less people than WoW, EQ and even Rift. Keep that in mind and all should be fine.

  • JudgeUKJudgeUK Posts: 1,214Member Uncommon

    If you've ever seen that Marmite advert

    Then TSW can feel the same, it's not for everyone. People either take to it, or not.

    Personally I've tried several times to get hooked - and in the end had to admit that it just wasn't for me. It is different, and I really respect the devs for this. I wish other companies would look for more variation.

    Because of the nature of the game - these difference - there's only one real answer - try it, but be prepared for the Marmite.


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon
    Make sure sound is set at default!(integer)If you use the other setting you all go from 50 fps to 23fps!on a 24 hour day period.
  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon
    Yep content update is about once a season!
  • AroukosAroukos AthensPosts: 571Member

    So less pop even than RIFT...

    Anyway, all other info is to the right direction, for my tastes.

    I think i ll give it a try. thank you

  • AmegashieAmegashie naPosts: 289Member Uncommon

    The strength of the game are highly unconventional quests that make you actually use your brain. Naturally there is a limited supply of those and FunCom in their current state can not deliver content updates more frequently than every couple months.


    Generally speaking this is not a game you want to play 24/7. The combat system is bad ( more specifically: animations are terrible and the impact of attacks is completely off, so the combat feels clunky and just...wrong ) and if you want to focus on raiding that would obviously be a big problem. Dungeons/raids as such are of somewhat unusual design, basically a chain of boss encounters rather than the usual trash fights. If you can deal with the aforementioned issues they're actually pretty cool. In typical FunCom fashion the gear progression system is somewhat cumbersome though.


    There is no need for alts, you can use every weapon with one character and swap between them at will. You'll have to buy weapon specific abilities with points you earn by doing quests, but all of those are repeatable. So instead of, say, going Sword and Hammer with your first character and creating an alt to use Blood and Chaos magic you can just go through all the content  again with the same character.


    Population seems ok, but don't expect to group outside of dungeons. Outside of special events there is no open world content and those pretty much are zerg & forget. 


    Dunno what you'd call a middle range system. A 3470 and a decent 5xxx or 6xxx line card will run the game just fine in PvE, performance in PvP minigames is generally very poor though, no matter what hardware you have.

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