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Whats the Best Population in JP server that is available now?

As Topic, 

Anyone knows?? I really need some suggestion, as I wanna create a new character now, but can't play Legacy server!! :(




  • DolmongDolmong KowloonPosts: 515Member
  • time007time007 Houston, TXPosts: 488Member Uncommon
    Come to Bahamut JP, I have an English speaking FC with about 30 members.  I'm under the name "Time Trapper" and the FC is called "Order of the Griffon".

  • MysteryBMysteryB Midland, TXPosts: 288Member Uncommon
    Why would u want to play on a server with non english speakers? That's retarded.

    Mystery Bounty

  • time007time007 Houston, TXPosts: 488Member Uncommon

    Possible reasons:


    1.  Job situation: maybe his work hours fit around the peak time for Japan so he wants to play when there are lots of ppl on

    2.  Maybe he is an English speaker playing overseas and this suits the time he is on

    3.  Maybe English is his second language but he can still speak English well

    4.  People are studying Japanese and can learn the language but they are more comfortable with English in a guild setting but still want to use some of their Japanese.



    So retard, additional reasons are he could be from Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, an expat, wants to learn Japanese, etc etc, is in Asia and wants a better ping.

    Anyways the list goes on and on.



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