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House party column

MaelzraelMaelzrael Las Cruces, NMPosts: 375Member Uncommon

The thread for that House party column is mysteriously broken... so I'll post my response to that Column here. Feel free to merge with the correct thread when you get it fixed moderators.

@House Party Column.

Everything they are doing in this game is just amazing from what I've seen. A lot of people are writing it off because of the telegraphs(which you can turn off btw..) or the art style(who here has honestly not played wow for several years?) but personally I think that's just a shame. This game is attempting to launch with full fledged endgame content. The developers seem to be very intelligent, learning from the mistakes of other games(swtor and gw2 come to mind) and they also seem to have a deep understanding of what makes a game worth playing and paying month after month.

My only concern is that they can deliver what they have promised, that they can keep content updates flowing, and that the overall polish and feel of the game is better then the garbage soulless mmo's we've seen for years now.

Wow had something special about it back in vanilla-wotlk, I'd like to see Wildstar capture that same feeling and bring some of us lost souls back to our roots.

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