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Age of Wushu: How to Make Unbound Silver Easy

SilentstormSilentstorm Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,125Member Uncommon

Video Guide

I wanted to make a simple guide. Showing a newish type player how to make unbound silver. This can be done by free players and VIP players. 


First thing I suggest is a miner. It doesn't have to be your main character. It can be a second alt character if you like. Mining is one of the easiest way to get silver in the game. It's always needed and people buy it quickly, You will start out farming Iron at first. But you quickly move on to copper and so on.


Take note that we have a cap on how much we can mine in a day for exp. After you hit the cap you don't gain anymore exp. But you do get to keep what you mine. So the next part is where it gets a lil tricky. Because it's very hard to understand when you're new. Exactly where and how to sell things.


Cutting right to the chase on this head to Chengdu. Soon as your in town hit the market icon. And check out the stalls there. You will quickly see what people are selling on your server. And see whats popular and average prices. What you want to look for is the buying section. People will put down what they want to pay for items.


You will see alot of people looking for different ores. Your job as a budding miner is to fill their desires. Thats where the unbound silver comes in. When you sell ore or anything else for that matter to a person. You get unbound silver, which is close to pay money in the game. You can use it to buy anything in game. Once you get used to prices try opening your own stall. A free player can only do it for a hour at a time. So just make sure you hawk the timer. And keep your store open. 


Next thing to touch on for quick easy silver. Is farm the early faction dungeons.. Try the 30-32 number dungeons early. You should be able to solo those once you hit your first inner skill to 22+ or so.You can skill books flux and coarse cloth. All you can sell for Silver in your shop. Once you get used to this you'll have no problem moving on the bigger better things.

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