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New Player Starting Eve Have Skill Questions *Update

djnexusdjnexus Detroit, MIPosts: 677Member

Ok so im new and getting ready to start eve. Ive got more than the basics down as I learn quickly. I went through a few diffrent guides and came up with this list of base skills that all people playing the game will need regardless of class or chosen profession. I want to basically start out doing Mining/Industry and then work my way to other skills for PVE/PVP, is that viable? or should I make a seperate PVE/PVP character?  heres what ive come up with for the base skills and the industry and mining skills, let me know if this is a good start or if I should  remove or add anything before I start playing so I can get a final idea. Thanks. (im rolling with gallente if you couldnt tell by the last set of skills)

****Update**** 9/18********************************************************************

Just wated to update about my progress in the game. Ive since made and subbed to two accounts, one for Mining/Industry and one for PVE/PVP that way I can get into things quicker with what I want to do. Ive got my skills trained out for the next several months for both chars. Im about to join a good corporation and hopefully get trained up for some PVP and learn the ropes. Got my overview setup nicely to. Learning about certain roles of diffrent ships and how bigger isnt always better/ship fittings.   Its been fun so far and a good learning experience with lots of learning. Fly Safe.


Base Skills

Capacitor Managment (int/mem)
Capacitor Systems Operation (int/mem)
Power Grid Management (int/mem)
CPU Managment (int/mem)
Spaceship Command (percep/will)
Navigation (int/percep)
Warp Drive Operation (int/percep)
Science (int/mem)
Cybernetics (int/mem)
Mechanics (int/mem)
Afterburner (int/percep)
Acceleration Control (int/percep)
Evasive Manuvering (int/percep)
Fuel COnservation (int/percep)
Gunnery LvL 2 (percep/will)
Weapon Upgrades (percep/mem)
Advanced Weapon Upgrades (percep/will)
Shield Management (int/mem)
Shield Operation (int/mem)
Shield Upgrades (int/mem)
Repair Systems (int/mem)
Hull Upgrades (int/mem)
Drones (mem/percep)
Scout Drone Operation (mem/percep)

Skills for Miners
Gallente Frigate
Mining Upgrades
Mining Drone Operation
Refinery Efficency
Mining Barge
Mining Frigate

Skills for Industrialists
Production Effinciency
Mass Production
Labratory Operation
Research Project Management

Pilot Gallente Ships
Small Hybrid Turret
Controlled Burst
Motion Prediction
Long Range Targeting
Rapid Firing


  • lugallugal Escondido, CAPosts: 664Member Uncommon
    A good guide to what you need is to go by the certificates. Since I'm caldari, I went eleite sheild defense. Then I got all my sub cap missle skills to elite as well.
    In the begining, you are going to want to try a little of everything, which is good, but get your cybernetics up quickly and get some good implants. Skill learns go quicker when you do that.
    The cert system gave me a goal, something I can pat myself on the back for acheiving. Helped me to stay motivated, especially when all my friends found out I had core skills elite. They started throwing tengus and other tech 2 stuff at me.
    Have fun! Also, turn off local when in jita. Friggin scammers are annoying.

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  • djnexusdjnexus Detroit, MIPosts: 677Member
    Ive looked at the certificates and also if im not mistaken you just need cybernetics 1 to get +3 implants correct? ive already got a list of the +3 implants that I would need. What I really wanted to know in my above post is if that list looked good starting out and also if I could do mining and industry both starting out and then move on to pve/pvp skills later because I dont really want to run 2 characters although i know alot of people do.
  • lugallugal Escondido, CAPosts: 664Member Uncommon
    I saw you listed hybrid weapons, I'd caution you from going down that. Autocannon or beam is better than hybrids right now.
    I did not see the new multitasking skill on your list.. Multitasking allows you to target multiple targets. They just changed its name and I can't remember what it is now.
    Going for industrial and mining early will give you a way to make easy isk. Another you can look into is planetary interaction. Not many skills, set and forget. Come back when the stockpile is near maxed, then sell. Or use for making modules.

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The reviewer has a mishapen head
    Which means his opinion is skewed

  • MalcanisMalcanis LondonPosts: 3,268Member Uncommon
    Hybrids are fine now. If anything, it's lasers which are currently out of fashion.

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  • ChramChram sigilPosts: 91Member

    This skill plan will serve as a solid basis for an aspiring mission runner. Just ignore the missile skills if you wish to fully focus on Gallente. Even industry oriented characters need standings from time to time, and those can be obtained via completing missions. 

    (I would advise to move away from missions as soon as possible, but that's a completely different matter.)

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