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PS3 Technical Questions

Solid_AltairSolid_Altair RecifePosts: 27Member

Hi. I'm new to the forums and I apologize for creating a thread so soon. I've been googling stuff like crazy and searching these forums and the official one, for some critical answers that will determine whether I'll buy the game and when. I could only find sort of an answer to questions 1 and 4 below, but I take the opportunity to ask them directly as a means of confirmation. I'm really itching to get this game, but I don't want to blindly dive into what may be a technical disapointment. Thank you in advance for your attention.

1- Can we take a break from the game, spend a few months without paying the subscription fee, then get back to pay the subscription fee and resume our account, without loosing any items levels and stuff?

2- How can I pay for the monthly fee, if I'm playing on PS3? Is it sold on the PSN Store? Can I buy from somewhere else online? May I use paypal? What are the options? I'd prefer to buy it directly with paypal, cause in order to buy stuff from PSN I need to buy gift cards, which add a little extra cost.

3- Are servers alright already? I'm thinking about buying a hard copy for PS3, but generally I think it would be wiser to wait for them to resume the sales of digital copies. Even I'll buy a hard copy anyway, I intend to wait for the digital sales' return as a sign that the servers are OK. But... if the servers are already fine, I suppose I'd buy the hard copy ASAP. I'm really itching for a new game.

4- I've read that the transition from PS3 to PS4 will be free. This was what really made me consider buy the game. But, just to confirm... this free PS4 version will be an actual PS4 version, right? Not just a PS3 verison that you can play on PS4. I mean... the graphics will improve, right?

5- Have players been having problems related to NAT3, in the PS3 version?

I'm just about buying the game, but then I remembered of this issue. My current router is awful and doesn't get to NAT2. I'll get a new one soon... but for now I'm stuck with NAT3. So, if the game is too heavily affected by NAT3, I will only buy it after I get the new router.

Does anyone know? Have you heard complaints about players having connectivity issues that might be related to NAT3?

Thank you.


  • obsolete5obsolete5 alabamer, ALPosts: 82Member
    they sought and found six feet of ground
  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Solid_Altair
    2- How can I pay for the monthly fee, if I'm playing on PS3? Is it sold on the PSN Store? Can I buy from somewhere else online? May I use paypal? What are the options? I'd prefer to buy it directly with paypal, cause in order to buy stuff from PSN I need to buy gift cards, which add a little extra cost.

    I dont know the answer to any of the questions

    but if PSN is an option - paypal is supported


  • IkedaIkeda Largo, FLPosts: 2,539Member Uncommon

    1.  I don't see why not.  I haven't played FFXIV for 2 years and my characters were still there.  I can't be 100% but typically that's how MOST MMO's work.

    2.  I just pay my account through the MogStation account you'll have to create.  I don't know about paying for it via PSN only.

    3.  The Servers are the same servers PC players participate on.  That's the genius part.  You can switch back and forth (like I do) if you own both copies.  While the PS3 doesn't look as good as my PC, I didn't expect it to.

    4.  That hasn't been announced but seeing as they're doing a BETA test in Feb'14 for PS4 I would imagine it's a new piece of software entirely.  If it were just a port, I can't imagine needing a beta for it.

    5.  I've never messed with my NAT settings so whatever the default is, is how I play.  I play via Wifi though with little to no difference in gameplay though. (so far)

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon
    Usually you keep everything till you resume .but there is one exception.v1 lose pretty much everything if you weren't past a certain level .but if you start from v2?unless s-e relaunch a third time you should have everything in there till you resume sub later.
  • RidelynnRidelynn Fresno, CAPosts: 5,551Member Rare

    Some of this was already answered, so I apologize if the info is duplicated

    1) Yes.

    2) All subscriptions go through the Mog station. The game is sold on the PSN (and through retail), but subscriptions are strictly through Square/Enix, not through Sony. Right now they accept major credit cards, ClickNBuy, and UltimatePay. You can use these services to either pay your subscription fee (reoccuring), or you can use them to buy Crysta and then use the Crysta to pay for your subscription (basically a set-length sub rather than reoccuring)

    3) There are still some servers that are locked to character creation, but the vast majority are open for business. The login fiasco has mostly been solved; there are still short queues during peak times, but what I would consider acceptable.


    It does mention Beta and Release, but that isn't the official S/E source. Graphics on the PS4 should be closer to the PC version, and the graphics are really about the only difference between the PS3 and PC version as it is.

    5) I haven't heard of nay problems with routers, if it works with most other online games, it should work with FFXIV. It works fine with my router and I didn't have to fool with port forwarding or anything, so I don't know. A quick Google search didn't reveal a ton of problems, just a few smatterings here and there.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon
    My advice for console?use 1080i!usually Sony do good here!why?ycbcr is their baby so it would be stupid of them to screw this up!ycbcr is optimized for 15 to 235 or if you use 1080i HDTV the performance difference won't be 1080p you ask console to push twice the pixel even with the 7 the processor enabled it is asking a lot.processor can but GPU and ram probably can't!even 720 p would be a lot !why ?interlace only generate half the graphic on one tic and generate the other part on the a 1080i enabled console can perform very good.the only trouble these days is more timer related.I think ms fix this in Xbox one but I bet they won't spill the beans till xb1 is out!if you read about this online .ms and Intel have been planning a permanent fix since just after the 2k bug.when will this be online and not just an option to turn on if your hardware support it?mm !when ms stop supporting window xp!(next year)
  • obsolete5obsolete5 alabamer, ALPosts: 82Member

    the most important issue with the ps3 version from what ive heard is that player models take priority for rendering and display so there is quite a bit of trouble running open world content and not seeing any enemies right now but overall between duty finder and stuff the game should be fine, if ps3 is the only option go for it despite any issue im sure it can easily be worked out


    that and reportedly serious framerate problems in certain areas

  • Hitman211Hitman211 bannedville, IDPosts: 52Member

    The way mmorpgs work, and its the same for PS3 players is that once you buy the game and create an account, that info is saved, indefinitely.

    So lets say you buy FFXIV today, play for a month then decide not to stay subbed and move on.

    6 months later you get a PS4 and want to try the game out again.  You just log back in with your login info (I would save that info somewhere) after resubbing (you don't have to rebuy the game just give them $15 per month after initial purchase and 30days free time)

    When you log on you will be right where you left off 6 months ago.


    Oh and the issue of selective rendering is common across a lot of mmorpgs.  The issue arises when it doesn't prioritize your party member and the mobs over other people.

    Hopefully they iron that issue out...I get it on some fates and I have an overkill PC that is probably better than the PS4 will be.

    Its only an issue for some fates right now that see 100+ players participating.  For these situations all PC's no matter how powerful will lag...its just the nature of the beast...even with low detail and old graphic games enough people on screen will lag out any system.

  • Solid_AltairSolid_Altair RecifePosts: 27Member

    Thanks a lot for all the information, guys. Nadia, I had no idea paypal was had become an option on PSN Store. Thx for this extra information.

    So... that's a wrap, I'm gonna buy this game ASAP.

    I've had an error when trying to buy Crysta, though. I suppose it has to do with not having purchased the game, yet. But the error doesn't specifically say that. Here is the error message:

    Error 11000

    "A technical issue has occurred.
    Try accessing the site again. If the issue still has not been resolved, please contact the Square Enix Support Center."

    What do you guys think? Is it probably due to the lack of a 'purshase code'?

    Now... one more question... does your Squere Enix account need to match the Bluray disc region and the PSN region and the same e-mail account?

    Now, I'm gonna head on and buy the disc.

    EDIT: Just paid for it. The disc should arrive by the end of the week. :)

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