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Thinking of buying this game and seeking input

RegnorRegnor Redmond, WAPosts: 42Member Uncommon

Jonesing for a new MMO and yes, I know about the re-launch issues. I heard players are having a better time of it this week. My wife and I are ready to try it but I can't tell if we can buy it or not. Are digital purchases offline still? Are people actually logging in an playing now? Should I wait? I hope the answer is "no need to wait, go here to buy" because you know how crappy it is waiting for something you want now eh?

Thanks for any input.

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  • Cliff1963Cliff1963 IJsselsteinPosts: 60Member Uncommon
    login problems seem to be over, can logout and login even at peaktimes (moogle EU/NA) sometimes with a que of less than 10. So if you wanna play the game, buy it when it can be downloaded again (no clue when that is gonna be). You won't regret it, at least I didn't.
  • AmjocoAmjoco Layton, UTPosts: 4,844Member Uncommon
    My son and I have been trying 3 or 4 days to get the digital. Still downl. Link to Purchase.  I was told a few days ago Amazon has been releasing a few every day but we have had no luck.

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  • TsuruTsuru Silverspring, MDPosts: 290Member Uncommon
    Digital sales are still halted. They are waiting to make sure everyone who has currently bought the game and easily get in without problems and so far, its been smooth. They have even opened back up character creation on a lot of servers. But until they open digital sales again, you'll have to find a physical copy.
  • FrekFrek FloridaPosts: 52Member Uncommon

    Wife and I wanted to play so rather than waiting we just ordered hard copies from Amazon. Don't regret it, one of the most fun mmo's we've played in quite awhile. We started on the new server Famfrit and we've never had a problem logging in during primetime. The biggest problem right now is that 90% of the population is in the starter zones and it's pretty crowded. Thankfully stuff respawns really fast.

    We've also completed the first two story dungeons using the duty finder which had us in groups in less than 3 mins wait time.

    My advice is if you want to play then just order 2 hard copies or check around your local stores to see if they have them in stock.

  • JuaksJuaks Posts: 271Member Uncommon

    Issues regarding log in and stability  are pretty much solved after the maintenance.

    Digital CD keys are still on hold on SE site and Amazon. If you want hard copies I can suggest a site which is selling cheaper and free shipping. I ordered my copy last night there.



    They seem to be short right now but you can keep an eye...

  • AzureblazeAzureblaze Cotati, CAPosts: 130Member Uncommon

    As Frek said, you can just buy retail copies and have it ship to you then play.

    As far as the login issues, most have been sorted out and they are already planning yet another expansion of their infrastructure, so things are looking up, I say play now. You never know what the future may hold (low pop, etc. ) As of now, it's really popular.

    Good luck!

  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,254Member Uncommon
    The call from this game is getting strong, not sure how much longer I can resist.

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