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Wizard101: 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Giveaway!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,155Administrator Uncommon has joined with KingsIsle Entertainment to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Wizard101 - the family friendly MMORPG that is fun for everyone! These special keys we are giving away will grant players seven cool home decoration items as well as a random mini-game for your house or dorm! Get your key now while supplies last!

All of the following party themed items to decoration your house or dorm

  • 1 Party Banner Housing Decoration

  • 1 Celebration Banner Housing Decoration

  • 1 Set of Party Balloons Housing Decoration

  • 1 Party Cake Housing Decoration

  • 1 Blue Gift Housing Decoration

  • 1 Red Gift Housing Decoration

  • 1 Confetti Cannon Housing Decoration

Plus ONE of the following mini-games to play in your house or dorm

  • Tag Game Housing Decoration

  • Scavenger Hunt Game Housing Decoration

  • Choo Choo Zoo Mini-game Housing Decoration

  • Conjuration Mini-game Housing Decoration

  • Doodle Doug Mini-game Housing Decoration

  • Dueling Diego Mini-game Housing Decoration

  • Hot Shots Mini-game Housing Decoration

  • Potion Motion Mini-game Housing Decoration

  • Skull Riders Mini-game Housing Decoration

  • Sorcery Stones Mini-game Housing Decoration

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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  • xkitty56xxkitty56x staten island, NYPosts: 2Member Uncommon
  • AxelZettaAxelZetta tiranaPosts: 1Member
    Cool Awesome
  • kimokatkimokat fremont, CAPosts: 1Member
    cool and awesome
  • elektra799elektra799 erie, PAPosts: 2Member



  • JacxolopeJacxolope Jackson, MIPosts: 1,140Member Uncommon

    -God this coulod actually be a cool game.

    I gave it a spin last night and very much enjoyed the battle system . Seemed like there was some real depth there (surprisingly)

    -But man...The limitations are insane. haldf the things I said were censored (things like "Are there Guilds in this game?" would come up as Player  "....") and I hit new areas I couldnt get to (without purchase) within a couple hours.


    They need to make a more "adult" Wizard game with the basic formula though- or an adult type server where chat isnt restricted to the point of uselessness and maybe with a bit more mature type setting.... Looked far too "P2W" for my liking (although a night isnt enough time to give a good estimate)

    -Anyhow, thanks for the gifts and opportunity to try the game- Too bad though. But I bet I would of LOVED it when I was 9. I am going to tell my nephew about it though, game seems fun.

  • alexchirilaalexchirila vasluiPosts: 1Member
    Thanks for this amazind opportunity
  • BlackNinja0382BlackNinja0382 Round Rock, TXPosts: 1Member

    that us preeety sweet!!


  • ladynascar3ladynascar3 Obion, TNPosts: 5Member



  • SkyfuriaSkyfuria Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    Hey Jack Adult Wizard here, you should give it a more extended try head on over to the community site wizard101 central and take a look at more if the gameplay before you think about a sub. Its actually quite a game and you'll find there are alot of "wizened Wizards" who play as well.
  • cosmin1333333cosmin1333333 iasiPosts: 2Member
    wow ,, thanks
  • Samurai1234Samurai1234 BrisbanePosts: 2Member Common

    Wicked guys thanks, please

    make more giveaways like more mount ones please thanks a heap

  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,066Member Rare

    You only have so many spaces for your house and i would say MOST players probably have that already maxed,so those weak items are a waste of time.

    KI could do MUCH better.How about a really good random pet or a random house or random gear pieces?How about adding in random snack packs or anything meaningful that a player might use.

    They could even go about decorating the game cities.

    How about what i have seen other games do ,example Ruins of Magic gave away a FULL gear set for various events,a strong gear set,not something weak.

    KI has not done anything meaningful since the WATERWORKS gear set,that is a loooooong time.

    PS Poster before me has a lot of  ANGER,no need for flaming other users.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • houselannister112233houselannister112233 madison, WIPosts: 1Member
    my favorite part of this game is meeting new people, and being able to hang out with my friends outside of school
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