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bored while waiting for fresh news? create a class!

EnrifEnrif PforzheimPosts: 152Member Uncommon

well, instead of just waiting for news, or flaming each other in threads, how about a game?

create one of the over 40+ classes that "could" be in EQN.


one armor type

two Weaponsets, with 4 skills per set

A combination of offensive, defensive, movement and utility skills for the 4 character slots. Max of 3 times the same slot type.

a short description of the dedicated role outside of the classical trinity.

No Multiclassing yet





  • heavy armor
  • hammer&shield skills
1.force full blow(base attack), 2. skull breaker(short stun), 3.unstoppable force(charge attack), 4.shield bash(knock back) (
  • halberd skills
1.pike it(base attack), 2.whole round(aoe attack with snare), 3. attack the feet(root/immobilize), 4. come over here(pull back)
  • character skills
Whirlwind(offensive),Leap(movement),armored up(defensive, takes less damage for a short time),rally call(utility,buffing group with running/attack speed)
  • role
A melee harasser and controller. keeping enemies where he wants them. the new way of tanking

red skills are taken from already revealed information's



i'm looking forward to your ideas. And dont forget we have 40+ classes to discover! Well, until SOE reveals them


  • nisraknisrak Honolulu, HIPosts: 70Member

    I'm thinking that the 2nd warrior hammer/shield ability is probably some kind of position-based block... Anyways, just for fun here is a class that I think might be cool:



    • Heavy Armor
    • Sword & Kite shield skills:
    1. Strike - Standard attack (short range)
    2. Shield ally - Block the next attack that would hit any ally near you
    3. Plant shield - Place shield on ground, blocking damage to everyone behind you (in a cone) but immobilizing you
    4. Advance - slowly walk forward with shield up, pushing enemies back and doing damage, while preventing damage to allies behind you.
    Edit: How about a shield that makes your "plant shield" also blind enemies in front (like a mirror shield)?
    • Spear & Round shield skills:
    1. Spear Lunge - standard attack (longer range)
    2. Deflect - place shield up, deflecting the next ranged attack that would hit or pass near you
    3. Throw shield - Throw shield at enemy, doing damage and disorienting them for a short time
    4. Wild charge - Toss spear then rush to it with shield up, damaging enemies in front of you and fearing weak-willed ones
    • Character skills
    1. Latch on (utility) - Grab on to enemy, attaching you to him and slowing him down by some %
    2. Defensive posture (defensive) - reduce damage taken but slow movement
    3. Rush to aid (movement) - Rush to a nearby ally
    4. Bodyguard (defensive) - Keep ally protected, guarding them from some % of damage for a while
    The shield-bearer is a defensive-oriented warrior that can be highly mobile with spear/round shield or very protective with sword/kite shield.  More defensive than the warrior, has many ways of protecting allies while damaging enemies.
    Just trying to brainstorm this one class made me think of all kinds of fun new types of game mechanics that may be in EQ:N! Thanks for this thread its a fun one!
  • Electro057Electro057 Guelph, ONPosts: 666Member Uncommon
    Lust Busty Bar Wench Betty:

    Her skills are many and well experienced, her tools of choice all too familiar. Only well seasoned players can unlock this class, and it comes with quite a price. Also depending upon character build and expertise in play style you may get larger gold drops. However you are prone to disease and possible nine month periods of down time. You have a special enrage but it can only be used once a month, it increases proficiency in throwing mugs by 400%

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  • mcbride2156mcbride2156 missoula, MTPosts: 17Member Uncommon


    Heavy Armor


    • Strike of the Falcon(3 Quick downward strikes) 2. Impale (forward thrust for bleed) 3. Hamstring (bleed, slow)4. Wind of the Templari (AOE sweeping strike)
    Lance and Shield
    • Hold Faste (immune damage 3 sec) 2. Unseat (Spear thrust knocks enemy down/stuns 2 sec. 3. Heart Seeker (Spear throw ranged damage/bleed) 4. Templar strike (shield bash followed by spear thrust)
    Character skills
    • Righteous anger (stun, fear) 2. Protect the Pilgrim road (Group damage immunity 2.5 sec) 3. Sacrifice (Port to nearest ally taking damage aggro attacker) 4. Humility (small group heal)
    Role - Defense group buff / healer



  • EnrifEnrif PforzheimPosts: 152Member Uncommon

    so far two defense oriented warrior variations and a paladin variation, nice. and someone who tries to be funny. 


    Shadow Knight

    • heavy armor
    • greatsword skills
    1. Ebonblade(base attack), 2.Plaguebringer(stacking disease dot), 3. Cleave Flesh(bleeding dot), 4.Soulreaper(additional damage for every different dot)
    • crossbow skills
    1.Rusty bolt(base attack), 2. Shadow coil(high damage, channeled), 3.Grim Harbinger(poison dot), 4.Doom Judgement.(slow,dot)
    • character skills

    Siphon Health(utility, gain health for every dot on surrounding enemies), face of death(utility, aoe fear), death cloud(offensive, aoe multi dot. Bleed,disease,poison), black fever (offensive, consumes all dots on surrounding enemies, dealing the full dot damage instantly)

    • role

    Mid range fighter, heavy on dot damage. Good for longer fights. Some skills to deal Burst damage

  • nisraknisrak Honolulu, HIPosts: 70Member

    Astral Phase-Mage

    • Cloth Armor
    • Dual Daggers skills:
    1. Dagger Bolt - Create bolts of energy from daggers and throw them forward, doing damage and slowing enemies
    2. Phase Out - Create a phase vortex, removing anything caught it in from this plane for x seconds (immune and CC'd)
    3. Astral Projection - Create a mirror of yourself that teleports around and distracts enemies
    4. Astral Charge - Dash forward with daggers out, dealing damage and creating a wall of phase energy behind you that lasts for x seconds
    • Staff skills:
    1. Astral Orb - Charge-up and unleash an orb of energy, damaging all enemies in the path
    2. Phase Move - Teleport ally or enemy to a random location x feet from their current position
    3. Phase Barrier - Create a shield of energy 10ft around you, preventing enemies from entering and absorbing x damage
    4. Astral Shockwave - Smash Staff into the ground, pulling allies toward you and pushing enemies away and slowing them
    • Character skills:
    1. Phase Switch (movement) - Swap places with an ally or enemy
    2. Astral Cloak (defensive) - Absorb x magic damage on allies
    3. Phase Push (utility) - Push enemies in front of you back x feet
    4. Astral Glow (utility) - Makes you and allies glow brightly, preventing enemies from discerning your armor types for x seconds
    Utility/CC caster that specializes in position and movement.  Dual-dagger build is fast-paced and CC-oriented while staff build is more defensive.
  • HighMarshalHighMarshal Huntsville, ALPosts: 347Member Uncommon


    • Heavy Armor
    • Sword and Shield
    • Two Handed Sword
    Sword and Shield
    • Cutting Through Evil - Base attack
    • Righteous Blow - Powerful attack to top of enemies head. Does increased damage to enemies under 30% health
    • Divine Retribution - A cone shield bash with a chance to stun followed by three cone sword attacks
    • Defend against Evil -  The shield glows and gives increased protection to anyone behind the paladin
    Two Handed Sword
    • Payment For Your Evil - Base Attack
    • Cutting Through Darkness - AoE attack similar to the spin attack. Sword Glows
    • Face Your Justice - Throws the sword horizontal to the ground damaging all in its path. On its return to the paladin, anyone hit by it is dragged to melee range of the paladin.
    • You Will Not Prevail - Paladin holds up his sword which glows before he slams it point first into the ground creating an AoE defensive bubble around the paladin.
    Paladin Skills
    • Holy Light - The Paladin's hand glows as he raises it into the air causing an Area around the paladin to glow. All enemies in that area have an increased chance to miss.
    • Smite Evil - The paladin glows with holy light and the light shoots from him in a cone formation damaging enemies with a chance to knock them down.
    • Lay on Hands - The paladin may heal an ally with the lowest hit points.
    • Walking the Path -  The paladin turns into a being of light moving forward at an incredible speed and reforming at the end.
    • Defensive DPS with area control, debuff, heal and movement.


  • Electro057Electro057 Guelph, ONPosts: 666Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Enrif
    so far two defense oriented warrior variations and a paladin variation, nice. and someone who tries to be funny. 

    Hey! I'm not trying to be funny! This should in my humble opinion be a roleplaying class with levels and emote/social based abilities. Perhaps even usage of taps, ability to sing, and certain seductive talents. I'm very serious here, however I won't dispute claims against my stability or character. 

    --Custom Rig: Pyraxis---
    NZXT Phantom 410 Case
    Intel Core i5-4690 Processor - Quad Core, 6MB Smart Cache, 3.5GHz
    Asus Sabertooth Z87 Motherboard
    Asus GeForce GTX 760 Video Card - 2GB GDDR5, PCI-Express 3.0
    Kingston HyperX Fury Blue 16GB

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