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I want to play not set up a vending stall

melenonemelenone seminole, FLPosts: 25Member
I want to play a game with a monthly sub for 15-20 dollars where i don't have to set up a vending stall or buy boosters to lvl and enjoy all the content.I would like the game to be a game with good graphics and a good storyline.I don't mind paying for expansions as long as they are around no more then 15-20 dollars.I don't mind grinding to get to that next lvl where i get a cool storyline mission or quest, but i don't want to do 20 daily quest for a week to get to that lvl.I'm ok with paying about 20 dollars for a nice mount or pet to help my character progress but i also want to feel like the pet is animated enough to feel like my buddy in this journey of mine.I like sci-fi games and fantasy games, and 1 with both would be great!Sandbox elements are always good and throw in a bit of horror elements on top of that and i can be a very happy guy.I don't want something pg rated because being 28 i like adult themes but also not to far i would say around 17 and up.Also if the game has nothing in chat but gold sellers i will uninstall the very second even if i can block them.My budget is no more then 400 bucks a year and not all at once in 1 sale so a dev can pay for a new lawn.Any ideas?
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