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Looking for a mmorpg to keep me busy waiting the new ones.. :)

Spider3Spider3 ZurichPosts: 33Member

Hi Everyone,

please help me find something to keep me busy while waiting for the next games I'm interested in (TESO, EQ:N, Pathfinder, GreedMonger, WarMachine Tactics)

Short background: played 7 years UO (1998-2005), then made a break and came back 2 years a go with a major disappointment of mostly f2p games (because p2w, or bad community, or no challange, or stupid quests over and over).

Played Atlantica Online (I like turn based) for 1 year but I think it's a SOLO-Online game more than a mmorpg, other than heavy cash-shop based. So i dismissed it. Now started FF14, but not very happy. Once again, quests so silly, level cap can be reached very fast, not really a community interaction other than a chat, and only doing dungeons in party is not making a mmorpg social.

What I'm looking for:

a) NOT being able to reach level cap in just a few weeks. in UO it took 2 years to get my Legendary tamer. THAT was challanging.

b)  I don't have any special requirements about the kind of mmorpg (pref. sandbox, but i'm ok with themepark if it's a good one).

c) classical fantasy / middle age preferred

d) Possibly not F2P, but I know this is hard. But at least a Freemium with possible sub, or cash shop with mostly cosmetics more than consumables or armors/weapons

e) Mainly interested in PvE but where a good cooperation between team/players is needed. So with a great challange and long fights. And not the usual "oh i'm dead brb respawn 10 seconds" and back on the field without any penality.

f) this is just an extra wish but I've asked on another thread and it seems was in UO only..I'd like to fill my empty in-game time to find and trade rares, for rares I mean items just given out during events or spawning only once a month or once a year (and tradable). In UO I loved my rares museum ;)




  • Spider3Spider3 ZurichPosts: 33Member

    I have nothing agains web-based games, some of them are pretty interesting and complex. But the one you suggested are mainly developped for mobile phones..not that I'm looking for AAA Graphics, but I would like something a bit more immersive visually. 2.5 or 3d ;)

    Any other suggestions? :/

  • PAL-18PAL-18 AnachronoxPosts: 837Member Uncommon

    If you can digest sci-fi then maybe Fallen Earth,theres nothing today that compares to UO but FE is pretty cool :) .


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