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Playing in the Battlefields (Especially Corsair's Stronghold)

TrystikanTrystikan Tumwater, WAPosts: 6Member

There should be a list of rules, and others agree when chatting about it..


Play as a team. Listen to the leader (IF they have a plan)

If you decide to guard a ladder, STAY THERE, since that, the gate, and dropping from an airship are THE only ways in.

The siege turrets have blind spots and are better at hitting the airships, and defending mid unless the tanks below are out in the field. 


If (for whatever reason) the lead says to delay an airship a specific time frame, they have some idea what's going on, so don't hop in and click the mouse to launch it. (I have seen people do this with 2 in the airship and others coming and trying to get on)


Play as a team, don't go off and do your own thing please. THAT will cost the win


I am thinking this thread will get alot of flak, but oh well. These are not just my thoughts, but the thoughts of other players while chatting it up in general chat.

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