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Rift The Life - Rift: Top Dimension Tours

SilentstormSilentstorm Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,125Member Uncommon

Top Dimensions Tour Greybriar

I decided to start doing Dimension tours again. A lot of new things were added. So I expect to see some wild ideas by the community. First stop on this go around is Greybriar. It was a fun stop indeed. Plenty of good player home dimensions.


Top Dimensions Tour Necropolis

So I decided to take on Necropolis for the next tour. It was suggested to me. Largely because the population is struggling. I don't know what I could do about that with this video. But when someone asks me nicely to help something. Or to show up on a shard I'm there. Now even though I didn't have a lot of good dimensions to see. It was enough to be very entertaining. And even show me something I never seen before in all my housing videos. Which is why they say you play the game. Because you never know where remarkable ideas hide.


Top Dimensions Tour Faeblight

This week Faeblight checks in for a dimension tour. Being a RP shard the originality was on display. It was nice to see whole dimensions completely changed from it's origin look. I had fun with Faeblight, and some of the original ideas there. I did 10+ zones this go around so enjoy.


Top Dimensions Tour Laethys

I am a bit under the weather this time around. So I won't be commentating all the way through it. Doesn't mean you won't get more than ever player housing to see. Because I'm not talking all the way through. I sped up 1 hour of footage to 25 minutes. With plenty of captions and my thoughts on each zone. As a whole so far Laethys has shown me the most variety and originality as a shard.


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