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Dev Project: WerewolfOnline

WereLlamaWereLlama Lubbock, TXMember Posts: 244 Uncommon

We are getting close to our first alpha test.  Here is our first WIP video:

Game Features:

1. We are targeting Mid-core audience (challenging play for players with little free time).

2. Asynchronous Grouping and Raiding.  If your friends are offline, you can play with their AI controlled Avatar. They are still rewarded for helping you.

3. Breakable barricades, towers, and certain fort structures. 

4. You are a Werewolf.  Humans will hunt you.



  • WereLlamaWereLlama Lubbock, TXMember Posts: 244 Uncommon

    Our latest video is our first introduction to the game's features:



  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAMember Posts: 14,247 Rare
    Originally posted by WereLlama
    Our latest video is our first introduction to the game's features:

    There was actually more information in the narration and video of this alpha trailer than you get in most AAA alpha/beta trailers.

    mobile MMO

    multiple classes

    playable on Android

    - exploration

    - power and equipment are upgrades by

     - - defeating monsters that guard resources

     - - eating monsters

    - can travel with friends or have their avatar join you in combat when the player is away

    - gameplay designed for a few 'bite sized' game sessions per day.


    One suggestion: Change the name. "Online" in the name of an MMO doesn't sell as well as it did ten years ago. Actually, it detracts from the appeal for many.


    All in all, though, this looks like a great little diversion that I could probably get friends on board with for wolfish rampages now and then. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more!






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