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Performance tips?

FiriinFiriin Amissville, VAPosts: 7Member

 I've been lagging way too much and I thought my specs would deal with the heat. It makes group play or walking through a town unbearable. Any tips or tricks?

Intel i7-2720 @ 2.20 GHz

Nvidia 540m 2 GB



  • PsyentistPsyentist Seattle, WAPosts: 46Member Uncommon
    Uh, overclock the heck out of that 3 year old cpu?  Or get a new one, its not like new games are designed to be played on such outdated stuff.
  • niceguy3978niceguy3978 Gainesville, FLPosts: 1,975Member Uncommon
    I would suggest a better optimized game, there are many out there.
  • tinoberserktinoberserk DordrechtPosts: 66Member Uncommon
    If youre running the game through steam that can really f up the performance.
  • mohit9206mohit9206 Maryland, MDPosts: 55Member Uncommon
    What resolution and quality are you playing at ? Also your graphics card sucks so either get a better laptop with good graphics or put all the settings and resolution to lowest.
  • Locutus666Locutus666 Kutahya-MerkezPosts: 5Member
    Nothing you can do mate, game is quite demanding for an mmo, not as demanding as a crysis 3 or witcher 2 or tomb raider but is half way there. If your cpu is struggling best option to disable is shadows or reduce world/char render distance. If your gpu is struggling then cut antialiasing off completely, maybe even reduce render size. You can also try overclocking GPU for an extra 10% performance, and it might be worth it. 
  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,866Member Legendary

    Nvidia has a guide right here:

    The guide takes you through nearly every graphic setting, explores the performance benefit and cost with a framerate graph and then summarizes each setting with a suggestion. Many of the settings have a screenshot example of two contrasting settings as an example. It is a great guide and really helped me get the most out of the game.

    My system is pretty old and mediocre at best: i7/920 @ 2.6, 9GB tri-channel, GTX-260/1.8GB, and a mediocre 256GB SSD. I run the game on 23" monitor at 1920x1080.

    I kept the game open to the guide and tweaked the settings 1 by 1. If you run the client at full screen you'll have to open the settings every time you alt-tab out to the browser to review the next setting. If you run in windowed mode you can move to your browser while still keeping the settings window open. This guide really helped me.

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