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Official Forums Banning spree

IngemarVMIngemarVM Brandon, FLPosts: 24Member

Well it appears that while AV is away setting up the Asian Darkfall the forum mods are banning anyone that speaks negatively about the game. I guess the gods have left and now the titans rule. We got things like siege stones vanishing on server up but get this... it was only one siege, the rest where all there. That certainly sounds fishy to me.


  • IngemarVMIngemarVM Brandon, FLPosts: 24Member
    Now that I think about it they are probably going beast mode on thier forums to try and hide any negativity from the Asians.
  • gamekid2kgamekid2k Austin, TXPosts: 360Member
    I glad they are finally taking control over their own forums.  It was completely out of control specially from some DF1 bitter vets.  One can't have any meaningful discussion because everything is turned into a topic about how df1 is good and dfuw is bad.

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  • wmada2kwmada2k DeadwoodPosts: 189Member
    Nothing new there. Darkfails forums has been like that since the start even banning for talking about other games inte the OT-threads. Clear the forums is ok, but do it in the right way - don't gag everyone that does play other games than DF and wan't to talk about them. Always have been, and probably always will be unprofessionals I suppose... 
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