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MMORPG gamers wanted for a psychology study

s_konraths_konrath Ann Arbor, MIPosts: 14Member

I am a psychology graduate student interested in how people construct the characters (avatars) they use in online role-playing games. I am looking for participants for a short (5-10 min) survey that will ask you about your main avatar (e.g. how you constructed it, how many hours you play, etc) and yourself (e.g. personality and demographic questions).

Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time without reprisal. As well, you may leave any questions you are uncomfortable with blank. There are no risks to participating in this survey. Your participation is anonymous and confidential, and your name will not be associated with your answers.

If you wish to participate, please go to the following link:


Sara Konrath
PhD student, Department of Psychology
University of Michigan,


  • SatansDiscipleSatansDisciple Fleetwood, PAPosts: 2,782Member

    awwww.... i was interested. hahahaaha

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  • squeeesqueee Austin, TXPosts: 722Member
    Opening a thread and seeing POST DELETED just never gets old.

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