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Subscription, B2P, F2P, Cash Shop, It doesn't matter.

None of the things i listed matter in the long run when it comes to this Game, the only thing that will matter is if the game is fun. Hell to many people, the only thing that will matter is if it the PvP is any good.

If PvP is good in this game, I will pay a subscription, and buy shit from a cash shop....Anyone who says "I'm not playing because of these things" are not actual people who play video games, Because If you're worried about $15 a month or a bunch of free loaders playing the same game as you (in terms of f2p) you're not actually playing a game for fun, You're just being the equivalent of a Hipster in the gaming community.

Anyone who says "I will not play this game because SWTOR sucked" it also falling into that Category. Because you're not playing a game based off on its fun or not, You're playing a game based off on how another game did and how your E-friends will think of you.

So in closing, Quit bitching... Play the game, If you like it, enjoy it, Quit relying on a bunch of e-hipsters to decide if you enjoy something.



  • curacura Posts: 1,082Member Uncommon
    Thank you for enlighting us. You are so wise
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