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Corsair's glitch?

TrystikanTrystikan Tumwater, WAPosts: 6Member

I have been seeing (in General Chal) that there is a glitch in the Stronghold?

The glitch allows around 4 tanks, somehow re-spawning the tank multiple times on the inside.

Does anyone know about this?


Is there any truth to this??

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  • rawfoxrawfox HamburgPosts: 749Member Uncommon

    I was about 100x in CS these weeks and never saw that.

    People just drive them in.

    When such siege weapon is repaired, it never spawned elswhere to me.


    The only glitch in CS is the players, that cannot listen to the raidleader ^^


  • TrystikanTrystikan Tumwater, WAPosts: 6Member

    I see what you are saying.

    There IS a definite glitch in there though that needs to be fixed..


    If ANYONE pulls up a map of ANY location on their pc, and starts clicking all over it, EVERYONE gets that map up, and it just pings everywhere. It was so bad the other day with one of these jackrods that we all just said eff it, and went AFK. W couldn't see the playfield. Once you close the map, it pops back open because that user keeps pinging. THAT needs to be fixed!

    (I hear you on the non-listening players. I PERSONALLY think... and others seem to agree.. that the min level for that should be raised to 40, not 30)

    I have no signature.

    My bank hates me for it.

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