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Enough end game PvP?

CobaltusCobaltus , FLPosts: 28Member Uncommon
I am waiting for the PS3 release coming up. PvP is my primary end game desire in a game. Will this game cut it for me? Is the PvP deep?  I heard that PC players think it is a horrible one-hit fest.


  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,698Member Rare

    No. This is NOT a pvp game. If there is any, it is just a brief add-on.

    The core of this game is pve ARPG hack-n-slash and item hunt.

  • ZinzanZinzan NorthPosts: 1,351Member Uncommon

    Dont bother, there is no pvp worth mentioning.

    There are far better ARPGs around, D3 is a waste of time.

    Expresso gave me a Hearthstone beta key.....I'm so happy :)

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