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How is this game?

gamekid2kgamekid2k Austin, TXPosts: 360Member
If I start now, will I find enough people in entry level area to group up with? Finally how is the lag/performance?  My gaming PC is 3 years old.

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  • nolic1nolic1 Kingman, AZPosts: 676Member Uncommon
    You can play this to 60 in a few days time depending how fast you clear content and this is a end game game. Its end game is heavy group content and you can gear out fast I have 3 characters all lvl 60 with the best gear for the class and only spent enough money to open some extra slots so I could do foundry. Other then that to me its a great game for people who can't get a D&D game going alot of times I can jump on foundry make a adventurer or dungeon or even a module based on old D&D and play through it but thats where the fun ends for me.

    To me I enjoy gaming I dont play to be uber I play to have fun. If a game is not fun to me guess what I move on and play something else till I find one that is. When I find that great game and not sure if in my life time there will be one I hope it has everything I want in an mmo.

  • crack_foxcrack_fox WellingtonPosts: 399Member Uncommon

    Performance is good. I was connecting from New Zealand and never had any issues. 

    You won't have any problems finding other players in the starter zones. However, the game is very solo-friendly so you may find other players to be a little unsociable. And as always, veteran players leveling up their nth character may not be as patient and friendly as other new players. 

  • slowpoke68slowpoke68 Chicago, ILPosts: 468Member Uncommon
    See my review, this forum.
  • LiddokunLiddokun San Francisco, CAPosts: 1,665Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by gamekid2k
    If I start now, will I find enough people in entry level area to group up with? Finally how is the lag/performance?  My gaming PC is 3 years old.

    The game is not very demanding hardware wise. My 5 year old workstation pc with 4GB RAM can run the game (abiet not very well). My gaming rig at home can run the game at max detail at 60 fps without any problems. 

    Gameplay wise it's a lot of fun. Until you reach the end game and it's just endless dungeon grind for the top gear in the game. They recently release Module #1 which introduces the campaign system (think mini expansion packs) that are free to play too called Fury of the Feywild. So far it is interesting but they introduce a lot of daily grind quest which you can unlock more and more areas the more you play. Also one new dungeon - Malabolg Castle and a new Skirmish with the Feywild theme. They also introduce Tier 3 gear for those with the patience/skill to grind all the require items to buy it.


    Edit: the recent patch nerfed the crap out of all DPS classes (GWF, CW and TR). GF got nerfed too.

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