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The Repopulation: Check Out Character Creation

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelMMORPG.COM Staff Posts: 21,775 Epic

The Repopulation's site has been updated with a brand new video showing off the character creation process for the forthcoming game. Check it out!


  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranMember Posts: 4,505 Uncommon
    looking good..
  • AddersAdders LauncestonMember Posts: 28
    Wow, finally a game where I could make a [warning, political incorrectness ahead] fat chick character!
  • TerranahTerranah Stockton, CAMember Posts: 3,574 Uncommon

    Underwhelming presentation.  I reserve judgment till I get hands on or see a better video.  First off, I typically play female characters so seeing a male character does nothing for me.  But we see various sliders, which do some but how much is the question.  If it allows you to truly make unique characters that would be great.  If it just allows you to think you look different, but in actuality you look nearly the same as everyone else in game, that is bad.  But in general I like sliders, I've just become somewhat cynical with the limitations placed on the slider system by developers for whatever reason. 


    EQ2 is a prime example.  You start with an ugly human.  You move the slider left, uglier.  You  move the slider right, ugliest.  Meh, you decide to just leave it in the middle, ugly.


    The example given here was of a kind of ugly man with ugly hair.  I like to look pretty in game.  If I'm playing a male character, I like to look handsome.  And no, graphics are not the end all and be all, but we are judging based on the designers chosen aesthetic and their system, which is inadequately demonstrated due to a passionless, robotic presenter.


    How about rotating the camera some.  And showing us a few more hairstyles or changing the face up so each change didn't look like it was the same character with little differences or maybe a relation to the character.  How about showing a bit of the female too.  How about time lapse so we can speed through some possibilities if your worried about time expenditure.  How about less talking more showing.


    The armor was also unattractive, but I like that you can tint various elements.


    You need an artist to showcase this stuff.  I hope the presenter was not an artist.  That would make me very sad.

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