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Calling Out MysticDesire Guild

BluntedJBluntedJ White Plains, NYPosts: 6Member Uncommon

I play games to have fun. I love to be silly and just roll with things. But some times, things just make you scratch your head. I'm actually glad MysticDesire (on BLUE DRAGON) was disbanded. Simply because people in the Guild who were also RL friends were acting immature - and it's too bad that many of them were Leaders/Vice-Leaders. How were they acting immature, you might ask? You need only know that they disbanded the guild because of whatever went down. That's it.

Now, I realize some of you need to get your "Flame On" because that's what tickles your fancy. And that's fine. Some of you (maybe even the guild members I am going to call out) will likely turn this around on me. And that's fine, too. It's the internet. We both know you wouldn't talk to me or act out against me in RL. Remember, it's the quiet ones you should worry about ;).

Full disclosure: I don't know the personal inter-relationships between the RL guild friends. But I've gotten a good glimpse. Also, my information is limited to what I actually experienced. But again, I think I'm pretty close to the mark (see above: the guild was disbanded because of this crap).

Here is what I know: Thankfully, I didn't get on RaidCall much with the guild, but when I did over the last few days I discovered: 1) a character named Lorelie (sic?) likes to talk over people, and apparently did so one time when two other guildies were discussing something on RaidCall; they told her (supposedly in a nice way - this is hearsay) that it was rude to disrupt their discussion and to wait till they finished; 2) something went down wherein Lorelie decided to either a) leave the guild or b) leave the game - but it all seemed related (I suspect some things were steaming for a while); 3) Lorelie sent the RL friend guildie Akemira a really long text message (so long that it broke up into 20-30 separate messages) about the situation and their RL friendship; 4) (and this is the kicker for me) Akemira decides to read, verbatim, each and every part of the 20-30 part text message on RaidCall the following day to whomever cares to listen - I was unfortunate to be one of them.

Now, as an aside, my mic is broken, so I cannot chat in RaidCall. If I could I would have said the same thing verbally as I wound up writing in Guild chat. I wrote something to the effect of "Really [you are reading these messages, blah blah blah] [something about immaturity] [something about surprise]". Then one of the other guildies (I cannot recall) says maybe I shouldn't air that out in Guild chat. But wait, everyone theoretically has access to RaidCall and Akemira said this in the Lobby of RaidCall - she didn't even say to the others whom she knows in RL to go to a private room where she could read it.

I log in today and apparently the guild is disbanded. I go to the guild forum and see that Stormbringer, one of the RL friends and guild leader, write "Waynenougat and BigD have tried to ruin us and it wont work" and "good to know they left and took all the stress off us". But if they left and took off the stress, why was the Guild disbanded?

WayneNougat sent a private message in game to me (and maybe others) that essentialy said "Guild disbanded" and "private message me for details". I responded back with some lengthy message about "WTF" and some of the stuff I put here as well as even though I didn't care to explain to me why Stormbringer was saying he tried to ruin the guild.

Honestly, I just don't get it.

From what I gather, Lorelie and Akemira were close friends, and Stormbriger and maybe WayneNuget/BigD or some other guy named Pantheon were RL friends some how and things just got funky on their RL end. Who cares? (Yes, I get that I am bringing it up here)

So much so that instead of one, two or three of them leaving, they just decide to up and disband the guild.

Real mature guys.

Lesson: don't join a guild where the leaders are RL friends, cuz it just could end up screwing you when you log on and find they had some immature RL fight and disbanded the guild. And if you hear chatter in your Guild about immature stuff, just leave, it's not worth the investment.

BTW, I joined this game a few weeks ago because of some of what BCBully was writing about the game. I don't blame you BC!!!!! Hope your guild is more mature. ;)


  • Sakura42Sakura42 chetel, WVPosts: 1Member
    Not to be a Bleep,but I plan on being one, your post is really completely poinltess. All your doing in complaining and not actually giving any information about anything besides blind accusations. Its quite clear to me that your personally involved in the situation and trying to hide it and shift blame and flame others. You need to grow up, but the fact you posted this proves to me you wont.
  • LorelieLorelie Clinton Township, MIPosts: 1Member
    MysticDesire didn't disband, at the moment they are one of the biggest guilds in the game.
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