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Requiem Problem

davidxDdavidxD QuitoPosts: 3Member

Hi people, i need help with a problem on this game.

My problem is more on skills, starting and loading of the game are good, but when I'm playing and I try to use a skill, I cant cast it, I cant buff me, I only attack normally, and that happens with all the skills, and also applies to the mounts, but when I use a mount the game quits, says there was an error and windows has to close the program, I dont know if it is because of my operating sistem "I have windows 8", or a download error.

Help me with this question please. ... Thanks guys. image



  • BigmamajamaBigmamajama Houston, TXPosts: 198Member

    Are you saying your key bindings aren't working to trigger skills?  Even when you click on the skill directly with your mouse it doesn't work?

  • davidxDdavidxD QuitoPosts: 3Member

    Exactly, dont work with any of the two options.


  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,403Member Rare

    Go to the folder you installed Requiem. Default is C:Program Files(x86)GravityRequiem Online

    Go to the System folder.

    Find requiem.exe

    Right click it

    Select properties

    Select Compatibility tab

    Check Run this game in Compatibility mode

    Select Windows 7 SP2 from the drop down menu

    Click OK.


    That would be if the issue was with Windows 8.


    To use a skill or mount you need to drag it to your hotkey bar and activate it as a hotkey. You cannot activate it elsewhere.

  • davidxDdavidxD QuitoPosts: 3Member
    Cleffy , thanks thanks thanks... really thanks.... now is working normally, really thanks... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D (y)
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