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player ghosts after death

TheRealBanangoTheRealBanango Fairfax, VAMember Posts: 75

Because I am just a gamer and know nothing about development or programming I thought I would share some of my ideas for people to discuss and comment on for fun and also if you have some experience in making games, maybe give us ideas of how this might actually be implemented. Remember, its nothing serious, I just wanted to share.

ok so basically I thought it would be a cool idea to spawn ghosts of a player on player death. The ghosts could be farmed, or hunted and they would have mats for alchemy, maybe fragments of the players spells so that you could level up your spells, or maybe you can capture player souls. A system like this would have some benefits to the players such as encouraging pvp (like it needs any encouraging but you know..) or higher level characters visiting lower level regions based on what action took place there. for example, maybe a battle occurred in a low level zone, players would then go back to that zone in order to capture those players souls from the spawned ghosts which would result in the player population always being scattered throughout the game world in search for  ghosts.

A little more detail on how the ghosts would work:

Once you die, there is a small chance that you spawn a ghost of yourself, maybe like 2% or so. The ghost would not spawn right after death but maybe 24 hours or so after player death. The ghosts can only spawn at night which means the game needs a day/night cycle. The ghost would be a mirror of the player which would determine the power of the ghost and the drops the ghost carries (mats, spell fragments, power of soul)

Once a player captures a ghost soul, they can take it to a church where they can release the soul gaining devotion points to that church, unlocking more powerful heals or magic abilities based on what church you are devoted too.

In order for this system to not be exploited, there would have to be a penalty for death so that people wouldn't "farm" ghosts. The penalty could be something like some exp lost.

I think there could be potential to a system like this. Like what would happen if you captured your own ghost? what could you do with player souls? How hard would it be to capture ghosts? Let me know what you guys think.



  • anemoanemo Member Posts: 1,033 Uncommon

    Ideas like this are fun.   Nice and isolated so you can just focus on it's core mechanics.

    I would recomend that there just be a set number of ghosts.   Essentially it's not percent chance on death there are just a set number of ghosts for an area, meaning that the level designers have more control over the actual experience.  Something possibly like this:  The server remembers the last place that every person died, when a ghost is killed the server selects a player and spawns their ghost at the spot of their death.

    You could also be possibly falling into a design fallacy as well.   If you're going to make a "rare" mechanic, you're likely making a mechanic that very few of your players ever see.   Which means you're investing resources, time and money that is even more valuable on an indy team for very little effect.

    There is also a little design dissonance in the sense that you have a harsh death penalty, but that death has the chance to do something cool(even though the player has a near zero percent chance to ever see it).   Then again there's always that edge case of keeping the ghost of someone famous in your game as a pet, forum and screen shots for a good bit of fun.  Or if the whole mechanic of trading for the spirit of your ghost if that is explored further.


    The first two mechanics changes mean that more deaths don't give you more chances(any death only determines location).   It also means that you can also choose how to divy up who becomes a ghost, anything from round robin to the "longest play time alive and logged in currently".    Though it doesn't take very much cleverness to determine how to game the changes I've suggested.

    You might also like to look at:   While pretty distantly related the whole concept of "I want death to mean something" is still there.


    I like the whole mechanic of people being encouraged to trade the spirit of a ghost to it's source.   Makes for some interesting social situations:

    The person who has the spirit needs to determine if it's worth the time to try and trade.

    The person who wants the spirit needs to determine what price they're willing to pay.   And pay a price higher than the possible income of converting the spirit to something else.

    As for use:

    Possibly a way to heal away future death penalties.  which could be really interesting if your game had a set number of lives before "major stat death" otherwise known as "permadeath where you keep your friends list".   Which means your game while not casual can actually have some tier advancement in it(I'd guess 4 to 8 hours worth to get to max tier).

    Possibly a way for socializers to get "epic tier" gear.    

    EDIT:  of course the designs I mentioned take the design dissonance I mentioned, and take it was a "flaw that is worth it".


    Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent.

    "At one point technology meant making tech that could get to the moon, now it means making tech that could get you a taxi."

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