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[Preview] Guild Wars 2: Touring Queen's Jubilee

BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing EditorBerea, OHPosts: 2,356MMORPG.COM Staff Uncommon

The next update for ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 is set to hit the live servers tomorrow. We were given a live-streamed tour of the content this past week, and today we're detailing everything we learned about Tyria's latest event.

Queen’s Jubilee event takes place in Divinity’s Reach, as the Queen celebrates her coming into power 10 years ago.  It also focuses on the human spirit, and how the race has gone through several hardships.  Now all the other races may or may not take offence to this event.  When you get right down to it, this is just a huge political stunt by the Queen to show off. 

Read on for the rest of David's Guild Wars 2: Touring Queen's Jubilee.


  • KenaoshiKenaoshi Porto AlegrePosts: 1,016Member Uncommon

    Char should accept it nice, if am not wrong, it is Queen Jenna rule that char and human made peace. Other races should just fine.

    As a Norn Myself i am going for the booze.

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  • Coffee4crCoffee4cr Quebec, QCPosts: 1Member
    How does the viewing others play the gauntlet works?
  • QSatuQSatu WarsawPosts: 1,733Member Uncommon
    and all of this temporary.. wtf ANet == Seriously they need to loose like 50% more players to learn something.
  • SiphaedSiphaed Everywhere!Posts: 876Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by QSatu
    and all of this temporary.. wtf ANet == Seriously they need to loose like 50% more players to learn something.

    You say "they need to lose" their players, but in reality their players ENJOY the content and it's progression of an Evolving game world.   That's why they're retaining players, and obtaining more of them.
     Have you seen the preview reveal of EQN?  They're going to have temp content as well, and they call it 'Rallying Calls' instead of how GW2 calls theirs Living Story.   Must be popular if Sony is banking it's reboot on such content types, right?'


    On topic:


    Seriously, how can an article claim that the press received preview builds of said content, but doesn't have any new screenshots or videos to show their experience?   I'd like to actually see the animation of the clockwork that you mention fails....see the Air Balloon escort event....see the person falling from their death.      This article lacks that kind of substance.  

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the micro-comic sketches that accompany GW2 articles (really wish the artist would flesh it out into a GW2 Comic for, but more exclusive media pieces instead of a rewrite of the same article written on every other MMO site, would make more readers actually come here.

    Originally posted by Coffee4cr
    How does the viewing others play the gauntlet works?

    Apparently they're in glass 1/2-domes held up by chains above the arena areas.   So, it's visible by just standing there looking at them and watching them fight.


  • BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing Editor Berea, OHPosts: 2,356MMORPG.COM Staff Uncommon
    The tour was live-streamed, hence the lack of real screenshots.  I've suggested that ANet allow us to upload the tour to YT as well, after.  Or at least that they should.
  • InFlamestwoInFlamestwo HindPosts: 662Member
    Of course it's an eagle. MURICA


  • TekaelonTekaelon Brookhaven, MSPosts: 531Member Uncommon
    Please, Crystal desert. I have enjoyed some temp conte t but would really prefer world expansion. I would so enjoy more reasons to explore like learning new skill/traits or crafting recipes. I make no bones about saying I am a GW2 fan but they really do need to refocus. I have not played any of the mini games from the last update.
  • RazeeksterRazeekster Solon, MEPosts: 2,201Member Uncommon

    Their temporary content actually made me quit... On top of their living story. I realize players are always going "push more content!" But I feel like every two weeks is just way too much. I enjoy playing other games and with GW2 it feels like you have to constantly be playing it to keep up with it.


    Not to mention their story... Well, let's just say it's less than stellar in this writer's opinion.


  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member
    Originally posted by Razeekster

    Their temporary content actually made me quit... On top of their living story. I realize players are always going "push more content!" But I feel like every two weeks is just way too much. I enjoy playing other games and with GW2 it feels like you have to constantly be playing it to keep up with it.


    Not to mention their story... Well, let's just say it's less than stellar in this writer's opinion.


    So let me get this right... in between the big releases ANet is adding short term content every two weeks (with the stated intent on making that more permanent) as well, so you quit.


    You do realize most companies rarely give you anything, if at all, between releases/ large content injections, yes?

    Oderint, dum metuant.

  • RamadonisRamadonis Medford, ORPosts: 18Member

    I never understood Anet's stance on their "Living World". IMO, it's nothing more than a bunch of MMORPG events that don't repeat. It sounds and looks great but it isn't The content comes and goes and does not alter the world in any real way.

    IIRC, this election thing is the only event with lingering effects that will actually mean something. I just wish they would add more content that lasts, instead of these events. Their world is vast and wonderful, but it is far from living.

  • QSatuQSatu WarsawPosts: 1,733Member Uncommon

    Colin just posted this on the offical forums:

    Hey folks,

    I wanted to take a moment and address this, it’s a totally fair question and something as a player (removing my GD hat) I’d wonder the same thing as well. As I covered in my blog post last month, a major focus of our living world releases in the second half of the year will be on focusing our living world releases on content that has a larger sense of persistence, and more permanent effect on the world.

    You’ll start seeing this strategy come into effect with the release 2 weeks from now, and grow as the year continues. The story of these living releases will occur long enough for it to play out reasonably and then update as the story moves forward, while the content and playable experiences (except specific story beats) will persist forever as a result of that story occurring.

    We still want to have some content that can happen each year, our holiday festivals, Super Adventure Box, Zephyr Sanctum, and the new Queens Gauntlet are all intended to be content that will regularly return. The goal of having these in our portfolio of event content that can occur again each year is they allow us the opportunity to easily build on something we’ve already completed as themes for some of our releases for year 2.

    We wanted to get to the end of the first year of Gw2 with a decent amount of these events that can happen each year in our pocket, to allow our second year a lot more opportunities to lean on these while we focus on much larger projects we’ve been working on in the background. You will not see another new recurring style event in 2014 once our core portfolio of returning events have been completed with the Queens Gauntlet. You’ll already see the benefits of this as the return of Halloween, SAB, and Wintersday has given some of our teams time to focus on other bigger projects during that time.

    As to the point of this specific release, there are a ton of permanent features and content. From the update of mini-games becoming permanent on a rotation, champion loot, solo queue PvP and leaderboards, dungeon reward changes, currency wallet, PvP leaver penalties (dishonorable), the FX culling system and more! However, we do recognize one of the components is returning content rather than constant, we need one more core event in our portfolio to fill out our ability to pull off the ambitious plans we have for next year. We too want to have an even larger playable content impact as stated in our goals for the second half of 2014, you’ll be see seeing that play out shortly.

    Soon, you won’t need to ask “is this permanent or temporary?”, you’ll simply be able to look at story specific parts and know the story goes away when it’s done, and the playable core content remains and changes based on the outcomes of the story. As a player, I’d rather login and experience an event knowing the outcome and the results of the story will create content I can see and experience for years, than have it all go away 2 weeks later, and have no impact.

    We’re also looking into options that would allow players to experience the story sequences that will go away as the story moves forward for those who missed them, but this is still a ways off as we look at various options.

    As a reminder, this is where we’re headed and the goals we’ve given to our teams to accomplish, it just takes a few months until we fully get our projects on this track:

    TDLR: Well it seems like this is the last big temp content b/c they needed another recurring festival to have it on rotation for future.
  • BrynnBrynn Albuquerque, NMPosts: 345Member
    After leveling 4 classes to 80, I'm tired of the same old game, and not interested in what the game has been offering. I would like to see an expansion or some new adventure for solo players, too.
  • tomer10001tomer10001 asdPosts: 5Member
    I've been playing guild wars 2 since the very first beta. I had some ups and downs in interest but ever since they started releasing these little evolving events I feel like I have something todo in the game.
    This idea of having things like a festival then a murder story, attacking the aetherblades, it is fascinating to see how the world evolves and progress. It isn't too much content to handle, really and you don't miss anything if you are not a daily basis player other than cosmetics that you can buy in the trading post or a few achievment points.
  • IPolygonIPolygon ViennaPosts: 707Member Uncommon

    GW2 lost its soul some time ago. Everything feels so rushed, just to keep players in the loop and in the cash shop as much as possible. There is no significance in your actions as you play some score charts in wvw and pvp and the core of pve is still untouched. Timed quests try to distract from the bland beast GW2 truly is.

    It took me some time to realize it, which made me stop along the way. As soon as there is wvw that has real consequences to the enemy and yourself in wvw or spvp maps/modes that offer inherent progression (CTF, Assault, Onslaught etc from UT or anything similar), I'll glady return and disregard what I've said before.

    I am not entitled to the game being updated, but I speak with my wallet. After the initial purchase there hasn't been any content release, that can be actually considered additional content, worth my money. I want story that is actually good (not that trahearne stuff) and actually told well. ANet needs to return to GW1 and then improve from there. Other studios are so much better in storytelling by miles.

  • JackdogJackdog Charleston, SCPosts: 6,344Member
    Game just keeps getting better and better, kudos Anet

    I miss DAoC

  • shavashava Somerville, MAPosts: 282Member Uncommon
    hmm...  Now wait a minute.  An election happens and nothing changes.  It sure sounds like the  persistent real world to me...:)
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