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C2 Haswell motherboards are finally here.

WaterlilyWaterlily parisPosts: 3,105Member Uncommon

If you're planning to buy a Haswell motherboard, wait a few more weeks if you can.

Sites are saying they're seeing the first motherboards with the new revised C2 Intel chips. The C1 chips have a bug with a lot of USB3 devices when they come out of sleep mode or something.

They've managed to keep this bug pretty quiet, but I heard some people are annoyed with it, it doesn't cause data loss, but it will stop a movie from playing from a USB drive if the PC goes into stand-by..might cause some programs to have to be restarted...etc

And some people are just annoyed at the fact it causes a device to bug in Windows. It doesn't happen with all devices, but quite a big number of them. In one test it was 14 out of 22 USB 3.0 devices that lost connection after coming out of stand-by.



When you buy a Haswell board now, it will be C1. So just wait a little bit if possible.

Hardware info says they're seeing C2 in their list:

C2 board in germany:

I think it will be a few more weeks before the C1 boards start to disappear.

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