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Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB headset issues

SawlstoneSawlstone barrie, ONPosts: 301Member

Hi, I just bought a replacement headset on sale. Didn't have a headset installed, so I just plugged in a USB port and downloaded software.


Install is fine. All drivers are up to date. It is showing my speaker icon with a red x on it whenever it is plugged into a port. When I right click my speaker icon and go into playback devices I see my Corsair listed and checkmarked as default. Clicking on my recording devices, my window freezes up and I need to kill program. When I don't have my headset in a USB, everything is fine. I am unsure how to find the conflict.

Any advice would be great. Thanks


  • RidelynnRidelynn Fresno, CAPosts: 5,531Member Rare

    Sounds like something got corrupt somewhere. Probably with Windows files, but hard to tell - could be a corrupt driver install. I would try rolling back or uninstalling the Corsair drivers and trying it with a new download, see if that helps.

  • syntax42syntax42 USAPosts: 1,374Member Uncommon

    Some USB devices require you to install the drivers before you plug them in to the computer.  I would follow the steps below to see if it helps.


    1. Unplug the device.  Uninstall the drivers.

    2. Restart the computer.

    3. Install the manufacturer's drivers.

    4. Plug the device in when prompted, or after the drivers have been installed.  Use a different port and bus from your original port and bus, if possible.

    5. If that didn't work, do a system restore to a point before you plugged in the headset and try 1-4 again.

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