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Prison of the Illithids - NW-DIHNS8H3R

KokushibyouKokushibyou Chicago, ILPosts: 230Member Uncommon

Prison of the Illithids - NW-DIHNS8H3R


Name: Prison of the Illithids
Search Code: NW-DIHNS8H3R
Type: Tribute to Old School CRPG
Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Description: The young street urchin has warned of dangerous creatures in the sewers preying on orphaned children. Head into the sewers and investigate the source of the problem to protect the children of Neverwinter.

Encounters: 6 Unique Hand Crafted Boss Fights. No burning through trash mobs to get to the real action. Go straights to the bosses, each one a hand crafted encounter with multiple stages.

Tips: Keep an eye on the quest text and if it tells you to run...RUN!


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