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TrystikanTrystikan Tumwater, WAPosts: 6Member

Sometimes, you enter a castle, dungeon, instance, etc.

You get your minimap on the screen, and there are stairs/ladders that take up a level (blue arrows) or down a level (red arrows) but the areas are blocked off from one another, and there's the possibility of getting lost, turned around, and generally frustrated while playing.


Labyrinths of many sorts.

If you manage to get in one, wouldn't it be nice to know (in advance) what stairs to take? We all know we can click the quest to see where the "bad guys" are, and head that direction, but it's getting there that takes forever because (especially for newbies) for some, the maps are confusing.


So.. Wouldn't it be nice to have a reference?


I suggest (and welcome) people to post maps. Go into every level of a multi-level instance. Screen cap it, and post it for others to see what they are up against!


I'm now "artist" when it comes to this, but here's a map of Eldritch to give some an idea the graphical interface I am trying (and probably somewhat failing) at talking about.


Enjoy, and hope it helps someone!

Eldritch Academy layout

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