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Things we should have (pvp elements) !!

SaiGodJinSaiGodJin BucharestPosts: 22Member


These are some things i think we should have in eso.

First of all we need to have pvp shards/servers..where we have open world kos withtin faction enemys

I think we should have (same faction and maybe even enemy faction duels ) duels for training purpose but sometime even to see who is better.

I think people who like pvp to be able to grow in levels only from pvp and not be gimped in time to max level in comparation with pve guys.

Gears and experience from pvp should be somehow balanced like with the guys who do mostly pve and dunegeons. Many  will enjoy the pvp aspects more than pve aspect in eso (liek me).I think high end gear should be achievable in pve but in pve too


I think battle grounds and arenas should be implement in the game , after clearing the dunegons and all pve content ,all the players will want new ways of pvp, beside that in battle grounds ranking and gear will be more appealing for pvp players.


Some pvp'ers  will just want some fast action and small scale pvp for 20-30 minutes per day and join a battle ground or arena make some fun kill some guys get some points for x or y reward and then just leave , and not join big scale wars with hundreds of people that last forever..


  • gamekid2kgamekid2k Austin, TXPosts: 360Member
    Duel is a must as it is the best way to train unlike GW2 screw ups.  But your other suggestion is making it more and more like WoW.  I prefer world pvp > Arena stuff.

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  • baphametbaphamet omaha, NEPosts: 3,200Member Uncommon

    no thanks on the battle grounds and arenas, i would much rather have an open world style pvp system like ESO has.

    yes the pvp is designated to only one part of the world but its a very large chunk, i think it will feel every bit like an open world pvp area, especially considering it has all the elements of the pve areas in there (opportunities to gank unsuspecting victims who actually have a chance to kill you as well).

    only thing i am not sure and kind of worried about is the progression, if i don't feel like i am progressing my character in some way by spending a lot of time in cyrodiil, then this game wont last as long for me.

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