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A post on “Why this might take a while!”


  • LlexXLlexX SerbiaPosts: 199Member Uncommon

    What the CM from Trion said:

    Know this about changes: Any “Westernization” that occurs will likely be very minimal and done to improve usability/understanding of mechanics based on conventions we’ve grown accustomed to that differ from those of Korean gamers. 

    ...Once these significant milestones have been accomplished closed testing can begin – our plan is to be at this point within the next few months!

    We’re just as excited to get to the point where we can invite external testers but expect the closed testing period to last at least a few months.

    Expect things to stay quiet for a few more weeks at least - until accounts are able to login to the game through our platform we’ll be busy planning live streams and the future roll out of content, not to mention reading a lot (A LOT) of text (We’re talking over 1,000,000 words AND climbing!)

    If you want to know more, read the whole article.

    So... a few more months to wait, the CBT is probably gonna be scheduled between November-December as i've said/predicted numerous of times.

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