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How many of you are like me?

squeeesqueee Austin, TXPosts: 722Member
Have either recently given up on a game you have played for a long time or have been let down by one of the more recent POS games that have been released, AC2 SWG, and are now just wating and hoping that one of the near future games wont be one big pile of horse dung to throw in with the rest of your 4 year old games.


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  • HedenHeden Edmonton, ABPosts: 131Member

    I am in the same boat....I must admit that I am putting alot onto Horizons.

    I played Lin 2 beta, and it is the same old thing.  What the online gaming world need is a new "ultima online" and by that I mean that when UO came out, it was revolutionary (sp???).  I am hoping that HZ is that.


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    ***Just agree with me and we will get along fine***

  • SuperbeaztSuperbeazt Rochester, MNPosts: 5Member
    I too am waiting on a new GOOD game i played many MMORPGs that sucked SWG was the biggest piece of shit i have ever player now that Horizons is coming out i have high hopes for it



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  • Yea definetly putting a lot of faith into horizons.  Hopefully it will pan out.

  • squeeesqueee Austin, TXPosts: 722Member
    Anyone keeping an eye on Dragon Empires?

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  • OmolOmol Charleston, SCPosts: 332Member
    Yea I am watching it fairly close.

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  • UifzUifz NM, CTPosts: 252Member
    Yes, me too.

  • SerienSerien Orlando, FLPosts: 8,460Member
    no....not really

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  • VindvalyaVindvalya New Haven, CTPosts: 115Member

    I am in the same boat. I am also too poor to afford a new computer to play the new games coming out. 

    What makes Horizons different? Sounds like the same old PvE approach which is exactly what I don't want. 

  • SerienSerien Orlando, FLPosts: 8,460Member
    well i just saved my money....if u save a little everyday, you should be good

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    ~~The Journey of a Thousand Miles, Begins With One Step~~

  • MeltdownMeltdown Home, NHPosts: 1,179Member Uncommon
    Ya, I did the same thing... I had left EQ after 3-4 years (wow was that tough!!!) and went back to UO for the simple reason that I didnt have enough time for a time consuming game like EQ (mega-time consuming when your guild is fighting for high ranking spots and flags) But UO is just a filler they changed it more than I like. I'm waiting for EQ2 or perhaps WoW, guildwars and FFXI but since you guys mentioned Horizens I'm gonna go check that out now :)

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  • odinwiseodinwise Portland, ORPosts: 79Member
    I started with EQ...played that for about a year then moved on to the other mmorpgs as they came out.  I stuck with DAoC most recently...still playing it...about a year now.  I tried out SWG, and although I liked it I wont play it because it costs to much to play.  Besides I like Fantasy more than sci-fi.  Horizons really has my interest at the moment.  Before it was Dragon Empires, but Horizons sounds way cooler than DE to me.  Hopefully it will be the next UO.  It's about time the MMORPG genre experienced something completely new.  The EQ-started formula is getting old.


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