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How is the economy?

gamekid2kgamekid2k Austin, TXPosts: 360Member
Since this is a f2p game, is the economy balanced or gold farmer wreak havoc it? 

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  • AbrrahamAbrraham KopenhagenPosts: 149Member
    I've never seen or heard a Goldseller in Tera.
  • ranknvileranknvile Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 16Member
    Originally posted by Abrraham
    I've never seen or heard a Goldseller in Tera.

    Same. I figured it would be MUCH worse. But, thanks to the ability to sell the gems you can buy (EMP) and most items which can net you big cash require a fee (Elite for 14.99 a month is pretty awesome)...the fear of Gold Sellers is next to nil.

    By the time I reached level 30, I had 500 gold with no cash out of my pocket. Loved the game so much, I bought a hard copy to get founders and then decided on Elite for the bonuses. 

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