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Rift: World Boss Ahkane the Eternal

SilentstormSilentstorm Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,125Member Uncommon

Ahkane the Eternal

So this wraps up the three world bosses. Ahkane the Eternal is in my opinion the easiest of the three. He has three stages he switches in between. But they are so easily avoided tanked and dps through. You don't need a guide for it to be honest. But I will point a few things out for ease.

 Any circle on the ground you see move. If you have a circle debuff around you. Avoid hitting anyone else with it. Because that can lead to multiple people dying. He has a stage he absorbs all damage. And the shield must be dps'd down. Another phase he flings out damaging energy. And causes a very apparent ground aoe spell that can one shot. Be careful as you will see in this video. The range is larger then it looks on the ground aoe. 

In all Ahkane is raid 101 very simple. Killing him for the Lady Nessie quest also awards a Dendrome raiders chest. And 450 Infinity stones gotta love those.

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