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Sleepless Lullaby you-tube link

WillyMMORPGWillyMMORPG Texarkana, TXPosts: 78Member Uncommon

Developer posted a you tube link to the full version of the Bright September song "Sleepless Lullaby" featured prominently in Issue 7 released last week (and in promo videos).




Creepy, haunting and beautiful. << spoiler >> the "nannies" in the Nursery facility used the song to calm the mutant children, because a calm, relaxed mutant child isn't a dangerous mutant child. Watch what happens when you turn off the music player looping the song, in-game. The children are no longer there, but the Nannies disapprove!





  • gwei1984gwei1984 ViennaPosts: 409Member Uncommon
    Thx man. Outstanding!


  • ChtugaChtuga OsloPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Very nice!


    I must say the music and sounds in this game are simply amazing!

  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,653Member Rare
    Originally posted by WillyMMORPG
    Creepy, haunting and beautiful.

    Thx the link.

    The funny thing is that the song is not creepy at all, but since the trailer was out first, now the song is bringing those images back - and that makes it a bit creepy indeed :)

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