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Is this a goood game for me to get my girlfriend to play together?

pantheronpantheron calhoun, GAPosts: 256Member Uncommon

I'll give you some background information. I'm kinda a game hopper, mostly because I don't feel i have much invested in most games, since i don't pay for them. My girlfriend, on the other hand NEVER jumps games; she's played Perfect World International for 8 years straight. She says that trying new games and figuring them out stresses her out a lot... and she's not the MOST critical of thinkers (by that i mean puzzles aren't her favorite thing, not that she's like... handicapped). So im wondering if this would be an okay game for me to get the both of us so we could try it out together?


The big reason I want us to play the same game is because she is currently living in Texas, and I'm in Georgia. When she does  events/stuff in PWI, or when I'm doing stuff in a game, we can't talk very well. coupling that with her Night shift, we both have to be awake odd hours to talk to each other, and finding a game that we can both play makes the most sense. She and I both liked the visual style, but I was wondering what the community thought of this.

I play MMOs for the Forum PVP


  • tank017tank017 Glendale, CAPosts: 2,192Member

    Well if you both are into adult themes - zombies,horror,gore, etc.Good story telling,skill based progression and a bit more of a challenge than your average MMO.Then I'd say go for it.


    The theme isnt your everyday sword and board dragon slaying either.

  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon

    Is talking to each other the point or is playing game(s) together?  Have you tried getting your own TS/Vent etc server?

    TSW is B2P and there are F2P games out for this experiment if $ is an issue.


    My suggestions are LoTRO or DDO.


  • ChtugaChtuga OsloPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    I think this is a game you will love playing together.

    It has A TON of content now and you can spend hours upon hours of exiting things together. 

    However there is alot to figure out (hard quests, mysteries etc) so you have to be able to not give up when you face a challenge.

  • DihoruDihoru ConstantaPosts: 2,731Member

    It's a good game and if she's into the supernatural side of things (into gaming as well) then yeah she'll like, maybe even love this game.


    Other games you could try together: Firefall (because you can basically do whatever, together) and Mortal Online ( yeah , it's a hardcore game but giving it a try together is free due to the F2P option and you never know what a hostile world filled with danger could do to a relationship :P ).

  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Posts: 1,221Member Uncommon
    yes,many players playing this game with GF,BF,family ...etc ...

    only EVE is real MMO...but I am impressive with TSW

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