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[Diabolos] Order of the Silver Dragons - Free Company

DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
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Silver Dragons 


About Us: 
The Order of the Silver Dragons (OSD) are a Mature Veteran Multi Chapter Gaming community that was founded in 2006. We are involved in many gaming environments. Most of our players are based in North America, however we have a handful of people across all time zones.

What makes the (OSD) unique is their ongoing commitment to mature interactions, their proud display of civility and concern, their desire for adventure and their healthy placement of value on individual effort and communications. They are known across many gaming servers for taking the high road when situations arise, and they pride themselves in the knowledge that they will always strive to help others. Their continued success stems directly from the OSD officers of this community whom take it upon themselves to uphold these virtues, reminiscent of the fabled Knights of the Round Table, which in turn are mimicked by the community of players within the guild. The source of the success of the officers derives from the wisdom of their community leaders, who have been instrumental in the formation of such a strong community. 

The (OSD) consistently leverage their community talents and imaginations to enhance the gaming experience. Definitely not a hard-core guild, their maturity level allows absolute respect for the various playing styles of the community, however they absolutely still engage in competitive play! Recruitment is an on-going active event between their current members, the leadership and the person who wants to join the (OSD). The online forums symbolize the key to this success, being the heart and blood of this organization. 


What We Offer:
~ Active Forums
~ Discord Server
~ Support and resources 
~ Security in Numbers
~ Information and Mentors
~ Scheduled events. 

Our FFXIV Chapter is looking for interested like-minded people. We specifically cater well to Mature Veteran Gamers but enjoy the flavor and energy that new players to FFXIV bring to the game. If you've read this far you might be a good fit for our FC/Guild. Please check our website below and hit the "Join OSD" link on the right side of the page to give you the steps to apply. All apps are formalized on our website.



- We are Currently Looking for more Mature Gamers with a Veteran MMO background that can communicate well.
-  We Currently host 2 Static Raid Groups with a Casual Progression Focus.  We organize our Statics to have a good group chemistry together and aim for consistent Raid times per group. Whenever there is interest and a need for more, we just start up a new Static with those things in mind. 
- We have an active community that's been around since Beta, have our own forums and favor Teamspeak for Raiding and social. We host our own FC Events with prizes. We have FC Meetings in game and on Teamspeak to share information and field questions and concerns.
- We are always looking to grow and be active, as evidenced by SE's Free Company Standings, which we always seem to be in the top 10 on our Server. If this interests you please feel free to ask an OSD member in game to get an officer to talk with or check out our website forum. Thank you.
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  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon

    Beta Forums are getting Dev responses these last few days.  The Activity there is always a good sign.

    We know that Phase 4, Open Beta,  will be in Early August.  There is No Officially Announced Phase 4 yet.

    However, Word on the Street is leaning towards  August 8th. That's the date the next letter of the producer will be live and in the past the beta usually takes place around that livestream.   Again this is not official, just some rumblings I've heard that actually sound pretty good for our 1 week open beta prior to release.

    Hope to see you all in game and if you haven't picked a server you are welcome to join us on Diabolos.

  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon

    The Order of the Silver Dragons, is a Casual Mature Multi Wing MMO Community mostly based in NA.   We like to Network with other Like Minded People and plan to be involved with a other FC's on our server and to help host or co-host some fun server events on Diabolos.  We believe strongly in contributing to the server community.

    Our other Recruiting Link here, has more information about us.  We do Require those wanting to be part of our FC to fill our a brief online questionnaire so we can get to know them better and for Vent/Forum Access.  As a Raid Leader/Healer, we will be progressing into End Game Raiding however are not going to rush to max level at the expense of not enjoying all aspects of the game along the way.  So if you are looking for a Mature Causal FC, we might be a good fit.

  • BioBreakBioBreak Columbus, OHPosts: 48Member
    I am a Silver Dragon!
    Thanx for the invite. :D
    This Fraxture BTW.
  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon

    Awesome!  Glad to have you with us!

    We are Still Recruiting and we are non discriminatory regarding the number of tails you have in or out of the game.

  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    As a Raid Leader/Healer, we will be progressing into End Game Raiding however are not going to rush to max level at the expense of not enjoying all aspects of the game along the way. So if you are looking for a Mature Causal FC, we might be a good fit. Act Quickly on this wonderful offer and their is no MATERIA cost!
  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon

    Our Joint Linkshell Core Team is in place on Diabolos.  

    Alacritous, Bad Wolves, and the Order of the Silver Dragons have come together and formed the House of Dragons LS.  Each of us has a different Focus but are coming together as one.

    Purpose: Networking for Groups and Social.


     (Membership in one of these Guilds / FCs is Required.)

    Order of the Silver Dragons:   (Casual Everything)

    Bad Wolves:  (Casual/Hardcore)

    Alacritous: (Hardcore)

  • Zefiris8Zefiris8 Buckeye, AZPosts: 37Member Uncommon

    Woot, I'm in.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone in FFXIV come P4.

  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    Can't wait to get in game.  Our 3 FC LS Alliance is getting stronger and stronger.  Come check us out and learn more.
  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon

    Finally Some Official Dates.. 


    FFXIV UNOFFICIAL 8th Producer Letter Live JP Live Translation

    2013-08-08 FFXIV 8th Producer Letter Live - Unofficial Live Translation



  • IgromIgrom Pensacola, FLPosts: 37Member
    Over 35 members registered for our Guild and 90+ for our LS overall come check us out the more the merrier and the more likely that a lot of people are on

    Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn : server Diabolos : name Igrom Hellscream :

  • IgromIgrom Pensacola, FLPosts: 37Member

    Hey all just letting you know that we (OSD) are fully prepared for when P4 comes out we have all the information that has been released as of yesterday's live letter from the producer should come and check us out

    We are a growing guild looking for more mature and casual player to join our ranks, we already have 37 confirmed players for P4 and early release as well as launch day we have several others in our guild from other MMO's that are coming over to FFXIV on launch day.

    Our linkshell has over 90 players that will be  in it we have an alliance with 2 other guilds so there will always be someone online. We have players in every time zone that you could think of and we would like to get more from every time zone and make Diabolos a very good community and a great place to start out.

    Please check us out at if you have any questions feel free to PM myself or Doctor Hoo and we will help you out on what to do :)

    Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn : server Diabolos : name Igrom Hellscream :

  • IgromIgrom Pensacola, FLPosts: 37Member
    We are now at well now over 40 members in our guild and 120+ in our joint linkshell :)

    Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn : server Diabolos : name Igrom Hellscream :

  • IgromIgrom Pensacola, FLPosts: 37Member
    play with us on diabolos our treants are bigger >: )

    Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn : server Diabolos : name Igrom Hellscream :

  • IgromIgrom Pensacola, FLPosts: 37Member

    New members join each day why not be one :) our joint linkshell with 2 other alliances is at over 125 (125 being the max we need 2)

    Thats good news there will always be someone online to play with look more into OSD and maybe you will find the community that you want to be a part of!!!!


    Our voidcents are stronger ;)

    Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn : server Diabolos : name Igrom Hellscream :

  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    We are growing so fast atm.  Loving the Environment on Diabolos.  Come and Check out and be a part of the Excitement! 
  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon

    In game Guild size has grown to 50+, Diabolos Alliance has grown up to 7 FCs, Alliance has a 512 man TS we are using, and  we have some fun events planed on server this Sunday!

    Let's just say we will have plenty of Grouping Options!

  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon

    Some Pictures from our Diabolos United Event this last Sunday!

    And Later in the Day, After some time in the Adventure's Guild

    And Off to Raid...

    Special Thanks to Alacritous for Leading our Raid Charge & Bad Wolves for Opening up their Team Speak for our growing Alliance on Diabolos.
    Server Log in issues decimated both Shades of Eorzea and The Guardians with both not able to participate in this event.
    Community Activity, Chemistry, and Fun was High all around thru Phase 4 - despite some bumps in the road.
    Looking forward to our next time online! Special Thanks to "Diabolos United" Members for making this happen!

    Diabolos United Alliance: In the House of Dragons Link Shells are AlacritousBad WolvesGhost OperaThe GuardiansShades of EorzeaSilver DragonsUnbeknown

    Thank you all,

  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    Crazy Growth this month!  Nearly 70 Members prior to early head start.  Remarkable.  We are already in discussion within the Diabolos United Alliance for our Next Server Event.
  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    Congrats Everyone in OSD!  Hit Rank 5 FC late last night.  Time to Start pumping out some Action FC Buffs!
  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    We have been growing well and have a great community.  The Alliance TeamSpeak has worked really well for helping everyone group up for those required dungeons and primals.  Looking forward to more Dungeons and Hard Mode Primals soon!
  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    We are doing a lot of growing. If you are NOT a guild hopper and enjoy a Mature Gaming Community Experience, We might be a good fit for you.
  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    Still Looking to Grow with Mature Casual Players that prefer no drama.  Alliance TeamSpeak available for those interested.  We've been guild grouping for the last 2 - 8 mans to help out those thru the end of the Story Content and its been a lot of fun.  Open for All Roles - Tanks, Healers, and DPS.
  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    We still have room for more mature casual players that want to be a part of solid gaming community.
  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon

    We are continuing to increase our Alliance Network of other Like Minded Mature FCs.  If you are interested in discussing ideas, please contact me here or in game.


    We are currently having fun getting people thru Relic Hard Mode Primal Fights.  Still looking for more Mature Casual Members to join us.

  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo MNPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    If you are looking for a Mature Place to get your Raid On or just have fun social and casually enjoy the game, look no further.  We have a Robust and Growing Network of like minded Mature FCs that work together and love chatting it up in TeamSpeak as well.  Come Check us out if you are looking for something stable and growing.  Currently looking for Geared Bards to help with interrupts on Coil.
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