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How FF XIV: ARR combat works at higher levels? (Not opinion post)

eldelpuebloeldelpueblo MadridPosts: 27Member

Hi everybody,


I was searching through the Internet and found too much information, and tons of opinions about the combat system. And trust me, i have read a lot of post but never discover what I'm looking for, maybe I'm blind, or maybe not :)


My question is, How FF XIV: ARR combat works at higher levels? I don't have enough time to take my char to level 30, i can only see the GCD of 2.5sc (too much for me right now), but i read that at lvl 20, 30, 40 or 50, combat becomes better. Well, and I ask why?


Example: Now, I can only cast once ability per GCD, that's 1 spell per 2,5sc. Does this situation change at higher levels? Can i be able to use two abilities in, for example, 3 seconds?


I ask it, because i read an interview of Yoshida that he said GCD wont be like it was before, but i dont know if  the combat system of beta 3  is the final combat version and how can i get immersed in a funny battle with this system.


I dont agree or disagree with this combat system, I'm not complaining, just want to know his mechanic. This is not an opinion post, it pretended to be an extensive Combat's FAQ for a newbie :)


Thank you. And have a good day.



  • NetSageNetSage Lake Geneva, WIPosts: 1,047Member Uncommon
    Not all skills are tied to global cool down and there will be ways to decrease the global cool down.  What I find interesting is people complain about button mashing and long global cool downs...
  • eldelpuebloeldelpueblo MadridPosts: 27Member

    Thank for the answer.


    And yes, i agree with you, and that's the main reason i wrote this post. Because lot of people want to see another WoW clone, and then after few weeks people exclaim surprised: "bah! is another Wow clone". I know that skill is far far away from mashing buttoms like a crazy monkey, and i prefer other combat style than that.


    So thank you for your clear and simply answer, that's what i was looking for :)

  • WKMitchellWKMitchell Campbell River, BCPosts: 70Member

    This describes pretty well how it works at 50 from somebody with a 1.0 char posting after testing them out.

  • eldelpuebloeldelpueblo MadridPosts: 27Member
    I read it, and it's an excellent post. But i was not sure what beta version was he playing, and if GCD will be changing in the next beta patch.
  • WKMitchellWKMitchell Campbell River, BCPosts: 70Member

    Would have to have been Phase 3 as this is the first we have gotten to use our 1.0 chars.


    I doubt they will change the GCD from 2.5 seconds.

  • Mr.ZerooneMr.Zeroone BialystokPosts: 34Member

    I've gained 20+ my archer class. The first important thing is you can combine skills from other classes - on 20+ lvl you can use about additional 5 skills. My plan is to make gladiator as main and maruder on 12 lvl to get his AoE skill which increase my effeciency hate indicator (glad doesn't have any AoE "hate" skills except "flash"). Another example: lancer on lvl 8 has buff that increase your parry ability for 20 sec. (or 10, don't remember). Currently, my glad has 4 buffs from other classes (from monk, lanser, maruder and archer). It's awesome feature to build your unique class if you want and as you want. Imagine how many possibilities you have on lvl 50 and when you can save your char settings (gear and skills) and invoke it whenever you want.


    GCD? I figured out that on 15+ lvl my new gear has bonus stat called "skill speed" which reduces GCD (if I'm not wrong). I assume that on 40-50 lvl fight isn't slow and boring. I sure that the fight requires more tactics and prediction. This is my modest "three cents".

  • ZenTaoYingYangZenTaoYingYang BahrainPosts: 354Member
    Originally posted by WKMitchell
    Would have to have been Phase 3 as this is the first we have gotten to use our 1.0 chars.   I doubt they will change the GCD from 2.5 seconds.

    they clearly stated that the GCD will be reduced by gear ( remember final fantasy Haste). 


    as for the combat, I honestly can not tell too what will it be at lv50 because they still modifying the battle system.


    but in theory I love it, you have a set of skills on GCD which once you acquire the right gear you notice difference, then you have abilities and special skills on individual Cool Downs, in a way it will force you to efficiently use you abilities between DPS skills to maximize the output rather then what usually happen in pvp, whoever DPS faster wins. it also lessens the effect of latency and improve the skill level difference between bad players and good players.

  • NaqajNaqaj Frankfurt am MainPosts: 1,673Member Uncommon

    There is some actual research on this out there, where people with legacy characters took times of various gear and skill combinations that reduce the GDC. It can be brought down to 2 sec for most classes, and a little further down with a Pugilist skill, to around 1.6 sec, which would be in the same range as in other recent MMOs. 

    This would require focusing on specific gear stats and maintaining the Pugilist buff, so it's not exactly a baseline for everyone.


    Other then GDC, there's another thing that changes combat at higher levels when compared to a beginner, and that's trait effects. Thaumaturges for example get traits that can proc an instant Fire spell or a Thunder with frontloaded dot-damage. Other classes have similar mechanics that mix up the rotations. It is not the most complicated system ever seen in an MMO, but it's also not quite as static as some people make it out to be.

  • eldelpuebloeldelpueblo MadridPosts: 27Member

    Everything you said sounds perfect por me. That's the kind of game i was seeking. I don't want another MMO with the same combat system, yes is quite similar, but this is an MMOs. In the future we will probably be playing the next gen MMOs, but release a true next game MMO is very very hard. How many MMO are awesome famous? UO, EQ, WoW, DAOC, and...  It's not easy to improve a genre to the next gen. So i will enjoy this until next gen really comes.

  • Mr.ZerooneMr.Zeroone BialystokPosts: 34Member
    This is true. Make a step to something next-gen (whatever it is) is simple hard because of economy factor. Apart from the great quality game, I believe the Square Enix is enough competent producer to handle this very good product. They don't turn their words into dust and try make his FF: ARR a best experience for FF fans and other gamers (they keep in close touch with FF community). I'm not a FF fan and very like action-oriented MMOs (like TERA Online), but after Close Betas I don't care about it any more. Now, I like very much te combat system and think it's quite fine. Now, waiting for Open Beta - we are preapred to make our journey a huge fun as possibile! ;)
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