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Eve takes skill to play

lolunaticlolunatic Mesa, AZPosts: 108Member
Is the biggest BS statement I've ever read. All eve's pvp is buying the best ship you can fly and then piss on people who can't afford to fly or have the skills for such a ship. Seriously, all the combat entails is click a box to open a mini menu to click another box to then click a bunch of circles on your screen. May the best ship win. If you play eve and you think your 'good', try playing an mmo with strafing, wasd movement, rotations, dodging, any of those and plus some (wildstar for aiming). you get my point, the person with the most plex wins the wars, the 'meta' game is just p2w. How do people think this game is good. Biggest scam in history.


  • gekidogekido n/a, MAPosts: 65Member Uncommon

    Why so mad?

  • ZadawnZadawn SPosts: 665Member Uncommon
    because he can and wants

  • BoldynBoldyn PartillePosts: 265Member

    From someone who played from launch and 5 years after:


    You are wrong, but your kind was Always the most enjoyable to kill, specially with a lesser ship!

  • lolunaticlolunatic Mesa, AZPosts: 108Member
    Originally posted by gekido
    Why so mad?

    I want to see how this community reacts. Usually it ends up with me getting a ban though.


  • gekidogekido n/a, MAPosts: 65Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Zadawn
    because he can and wants

    Fair enough...

    Where did the statement that Eve takes skill come from?

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