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What does it take to make a MMORPG?

l2avisml2avism Member Posts: 386 Uncommon

What does it take to make a MMORPG?

I'll start a list and we can all add to it. Maybe this could even be stickied.


1. Programmer(s): Even if you use one of the common 'turn-key'game engines like Unity, most of the game logic and especially the network code will be done by a programmer. Depending on your game, it may actually be better, faster, cheaper to write your own engine entirely. (people are going to scream at me for saying that) Many programmers like doing everything anyways- what fun is being a programmer that doesn't code?

2. Artists: Your game needs content. This may even be split up where you have seperate texture artists, 3d modelers, and animators. Someone has to make all of the eye candy, even if you just buy it from third parties on websites that specialize in selling art. When players say that a game has good graphics, they are usually talking about the artwork.

3. Sound Engineers: These guys go bump in the night. They make all of the sounds and music for your game.

4. Game Designers: These guys tell everyone else what to make. You don't just blow money making any random sounds and models. They may also create the rough storyline for the game and determine the general look and feel. These guys may also create the quests and dungeons.

5. Storywriters: Someone with talent has to take the game designers ideas and fill in the lore. They also write for the website and help with marketing.

6. PR and Marketing: These guys buy adds and use any means necessary to acquire players and retain them. This includes support.

7. Money: You'll have to pay these people and buy adds and servers.


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