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I'd like to find a time sink game.

SMDLSMDL none, ALPosts: 2Member

Hey there, after a few years of not playing mmo's me and my friend decided to look into putting some time into one again. I'd like to play an mmorpg that actually takes time to hit max level, I don't mind the grind. A crafting system would be nice to have, we both are collectors. A newer or any game that has a long life span would be important to us as well. As for graphics, a more lighter tone would be nice but that's not a deciding factor.

Any help on finding a game for us would be appreciated!




  • strangiato2112strangiato2112 Richmond, VAPosts: 1,538Member Common

    No (AAA) game that i can think of takes a while to get to max level anymore.

    Your best options that i can think of are:

    LOTRO:  if you stop to smell the roses along the way it will take you a while to get to max level, there is a ton to see along the way.  And there are some pretty hefty grinds involved to unlock your virtues (extra stats).  the crafting is grindy and only marginally interesting.  Not much for collectors other than cosmetic gear

    EQ2:  Again, if you smell the roses it can take a long time to level.  Tons and tons of content, and heritage quests will take you around to see the world (and dungeons) if you enjoy longer quests.  EQ2 is amazing for collectors because so many things (like the rewards for those heritage quests) can be placed in your house.  The housing system is quite easily the best on the market.  It has the most crafting content on the market too. including an epic crafter's quest.  Im not a huge fan of the crafting system itself, but the overall package for crafters is impressive.

    The main drawback with EQ2 I guess is that if you want you can blow through the levels pretty quick, but thats really only if you actively try to.  just set the exp to AA slider somewhat low and enjoy.


    both of these games are older though, and LOTRO's lifespan could be shorter term, but EQ2 is in it for the long haul.   But the newer the games get the more you get pushed to end game.

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